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New Challenges & Farewell

Dear All SDN’rs and BPX’rs  As many of you have heard by now I am leaving SAP. Before I depart, it’s really important for me to reach out to this community because each of you has been such integral reasons for SAP’s success during the past few years. This community is close to 750,000 strong and growing and I want to personally thank each of you for making the SDN and BPX communities what they are today.   I look forward to contributing to these dynamic communities and watching both continue to gain momentum during the coming months and years.  In the interest of keeping my farewell short and sweet, I just wanted to say goodbye for now.  You will be hearing more from me soon as I move to the next challenge in my life.   If you are interested in reading more about the changes within SAP, please see visit the release at   Below you will also see the email that I shared with my internal team today. The past six years have been some of the best of my life.  I will continue to take these wonderful relationships and experiences with my as I move to my next challenge.  A sincere thank you from me.  Until next time,  Shai    Email to SAP Employees,   (March 28, 2007)  Dear Colleagues,  By now, I am sure you have heard that I will be leaving SAP. It has not been an easy decision, far from it. The hardest part of all was my fear of writing this one email to all of you, the people who make SAP such a great company. After six years at SAP there is nothing harder for me to do than to say goodbye and leave this great company behind.   I remember five years ago, on the day I joined the SAP board, one of you asked me in a town hall meeting “why am I at SAP?” The answer I gave was that “I came to SAP to work and fell in love with the company”. That love for SAP is still in my heart. I could have not dreamed six years ago, when TopTier was acquired and SAP Portals was formed what a great journey laid ahead of me at SAP. The opportunity given to me by Hasso, my colleagues on the board and all of you across SAP to create software that makes our customers so great is an opportunity I could have only dreamed of before experiencing SAP.   As I look back on our accomplishments, I’m particularly reminded of these successes – among so many:   SAP NetWeaver Composites/xApps Duet GRC Enterprise SOA  Platform ecosystem Creation and launch of SAP Developer Network (SDN) BusinessOne These are just a few of the great projects that we worked on together – and we all can be proud of them…I know I am.  Taking part in our wonderful SAP community, interacting with thousands of customers, and tens of thousands of our employees worldwide was an opportunity of a life time. I thank you for letting me serve my part in this great story of creativity, I thank every one of you who helped me with our shared goals. In the process of the last six years, I have learned so many things, created so many friendships, shared so many great moments that I cannot start to summarize them all without forgetting one or another. And, as you taught me so well – my emails have to get shorter for you to read them…   I will now move on to my next challenge in life, hoping to apply what I have learned at SAP to create solutions for various problems that affect us all as a global tribe. I truly hope that my next set of challenges will be able to match the immense experience I gathered through my years at SAP. I leave the company with a heavy heart, feeling that I leave a home, yet I also feel that I am not leaving the family SAP has become for me. I hope to play some role in our community, and stay close to all of you – I am now your biggest fan.   Thank you for all the great memories we share of those six wonderful years. What an amazing journey, what amazing people.  Best Regards,   Shai
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  • I dont know what we have lost after your departure,but certainly we do have lost something.

    All my best wishes to you Shai.

    Pankaj Singh

  • Mr Shai

    I am new to SAP and learning Web Dynpro . I saw your picture on the site of SAP and the work done by you and everyone associated to SAP is very impressive well good luck to you and best of luck for your future .


  • All the best for you …..
    thoe SOA and the mostly common know ESA in SAP was truly motivating.
    Now only I came to know that you were the mastermind behind this kind of an innovative thing.

    All the best for you.
    Have fun.

  • best wishes to you Shai!
    I am one guy from china.
    I am learning sap and abap,further I will learn Netweaver,it is a great platform.
    I know you say something about china ink in
    this website:
    I will say some words in chinese to you: