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ABAP Trial Version for Newbies: Part 2 ‘ Starting and Stopping the Application Server ‘

In ABAP Trial Version for Newbies:  Part 1 ‘ Download and installation of the Trial Version ‘ of this blog series you successfully downloaded rar files from SDN, and you completed the installation process. At the end of the installation, you were asked whether you wanted to start the Application Server. In accordance with the governance described in the previous weblog, it would be a good idea to install the SAP GUI first. The SAP GUI should be installed before you proceed with Part 2.   Now you are prepared to start the Application Server with the SAPMMC. SAPMMC is a SAP snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). SAPMMC allows you to administer all the SAP systems running on a particular machine. To start the SAPMMC in Windows, choose Start -> Programs -> SAP -> Start SAP Management Console, or click the meter icon on your desktop at any time. For our ABAP Trial Version with the system ID ‘NSP’ the MMC will look like this: image The left pane shows a tree with the elements of the NSP system consisting of the database and the Application Server.  The Application Server also provides information about the current system operation. Clicking the question mark will take you to the documentation that explains in detail the layout and context menu of the SAP System Manager Snap-In.  To start the NSP system, choose the NSP icon, go to the context menu and choose ‘Start’ or simply click on the triangle in the tool bar. The database is started first, and after a short while, green lights will indicate that the NSP is running. To check if the server has started completely select the  ‘ABAP WP Table’ node in the left pane, which displays the workprocesses, the work horses of an ABAP system. Details about the workprocesses will be covered in a later blog. For the moment we just use the display to see that everything has started.   image If you want to start the system directly without the MMC you can also get to that point by choosing Start -> Programs -> SAP NetWeaver 2004 Trial Version -> NSP -> Start Application Server. This will not start SAPMMC, but it is easier, and if your are not interessted in system information, it might be sufficient for your needs.  Now it would be ok to log on to the system. To do this, start ‘SAP Logon’ (that is installed with the SAPGUI), click ‘New Item’ and double-click ‘User Specified System’ in the next dialog box. Enter the system parameters requested. The screenshot below shows the configuration for running an Application Server and SAP Logon on the same machine,which is our recommendation for the ABAP trial version. (If you prefer to install the GUI on another machine you have to make sure that the server PC is reachable via TCP/IP, has a valid IP address or DNS entry, that no firewall is blocking the GUI protocol etc.) image Click ‘Finish’ and a new entry for ‘NSP’ is displayed in the SAP Logon window. image Select ‘NSP’ and click ‘Log On’. After a few seconds, the log-on screen appears. image The connection between your Application Server and SAP GUI is now up and running, – Congratulation !  The following users have been created in your NSP system by default:     – ‘BCUSER’ for the standard user (e.g. development)    – ‘DDIC’ for administration     – ‘SAP*’ for license purposes  There is a temporary 30 day license on every NSP system after installation, which can be extended by 90 days again and again (and will be described in another blog).  Use the ‘BCUSER’,with the password ‘minisap’ (as can be seen on the last screenshot) and press ‘Enter’ or click the green icon at the beginning of tool bar. The entry screen should look like the screenshot below. image Pressing the ‘Help’ button will open up a menu. The first entry is ‘Application Help’ which links directly to the SAP documentation for the subject you are currently working on. This is only available in the new ABAP Trial Version (SP11).  In the field that has the cursor, you can enter the so-called transaction code. This is a shortcut e.g. ‘SE80’ to start the development environment that takes you directly to the functionality you’d like to use.  Try it out and enjoy!  image This is the development environment (ABAP workbench) of the ABAP Application Server. Here you can find most of the tools for building business applications in ABAP. If you now open the ‘Help’ menu and select ‘Application Help’ a browser will appear and show you an overview of the functionality in the ABAP workbench. image When you have finished checking out the ABAP Trial Version, you can use the SAPMMC to stop the system. Select the NSP icon, go to the context menu and choose ‘Stop’ or just click the black rectangle in the tool bar, which will stop the Application Server but not the database.  Another way is to do this is: Click Start -> Programs -> SAP Netweaver 2004 Trial Version -> NSP -> Stop Application Server.  This will also stop the database.  In one of the next parts of this blog, we’ll show you how easy it is to write a simple program in ABAP.  There are two forums where you can post your questions and ask for help in case of trouble. Software Downloadsfor general discussions about the trial versions ( interesting projects you are doing with it, wishes for the future,…) SAP NetWeaver Application Serverfor concrete problems with the installation 
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  • Hi,

    I always get a MESSAGE_TYPE_X when Easy Access starts. The message occurs in SAPFGUICNTL in HANDLE_DATA_STREAM_ERROR. Some transaction for example SE38 are working fine.

    I have Windows XP Professional running on a VMWare Virtual Machine. Internet Explorer 6 and SAPGui 7.10. Access to the VM with RDP.

    Any idea what’s going wrong?



  • When the installation was at 89%, the installation came back and said that it could not start something. ( sorry.. I cannot remember what exactly it was here), but the installtion completed fine.

    I did not chose the last 2 check buttons to start the app server and the mmc, but I went and installed the GUI which went fine. Next, I went and manually installed the sapmmcX86u.msi. It installed fine. then when I start the SAP Managment icon, it says” configuration information has been saved by an older verison of snap manger snap in, converting to new format”..
    I clicked OK.

    The console root does not have all that you have on the blog, all I have is SaP Systems, NSP,My Machine Name 0,Process List and SysLog.

    When I click NSP and start all tasks, the color turns to Yellow.. and then come back to gray.

    The Log shows this..

    trc file: “dev_ms”, trc level: 1, release: “700”

    [Thr 3044] Fri Feb 15 05:16:27 2002
    [Thr 3044] MsSSetTrcLog: trc logging active, max size = 20971520 bytes
    systemid   560 (PC with Windows NT)
    relno      7000
    patchlevel 0
    patchno    94
    intno      20050900
    make:      multithreaded, ASCII, optimized
    pid        512

    [Thr 3044] ***LOG Q01=> MsSInit, MSStart (Msg Server 1 512) [msxxserv.c   1824]
    [Thr 3044] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPGetServByName2: service ‘sapmsNSP’ not found: getservbyname_r [ninti.c 530]
    [Thr 3044] *** ERROR => MsSCommInit: NiBufListen(sapmsNSP) (rc=NIESERV_UNKNOWN) [msxxserv.c   10124]
    [Thr 3044] *** ERROR => MsSInit: MsSCommInit [msxxserv.c   1857]
    [Thr 3044] *** ERROR => main: MsSInit [msxxserv.c   5896]
    [Thr 3044] ***LOG Q02=> MsSHalt, MSStop (Msg Server 512) [msxxserv.c   5944]

    Am I missing some thing really basic..?


  • I followed the weblog on the installation. Somehow it did not pass 22% in my windows xp sp2 machine. However, it installed as described in 2003 server.
    Then came the logon. This article helped me to enter the correct values. Now I am able to explore the ABAP Workbench. Good blog for newbies.
    • I have re-installed Netweaver trial version 7.01.
      But know I could not start the application server, neither direct (programs->SAP Netweaver 7.01 ABAP trial version->NSP->Start apllication Server) nor via SAPMMC . I have tried to use SAP Management Console as-described in this blog, but I have received the following error:

      Start failed: 2 
      NIRawConnect failed in plugin_fopen()

  • Hi Manfred Lutz!
    is it possible or recommended to install two instances of the trial version to be possible to practice transport stuff?

    if yes, what is necessary to do? just install the trial version in another directory?


    • Hello,

      you can create virtuell instances (e.g. MBS, QAS and PRD) in the same system. Take transaction STMS –>Overview–>Systems–>SAP-System–>
      Create–>Virtual System or also an External System. Than you can in the TMS create Transport Routes and practice transport stuff.

  • I installed the trial AS as explained in the blog however I could see that disp+work.exe not started in my management console. 

    I have created the MS loopback server and satisfy the system requirements.  When I start the server I get Operating System’s exception. Error details are as follows.

    szAppName : disp+work.EXE     szAppVer : 7010.7.15.15286    
    szModName : disp+work.EXE     szModVer : 7010.7.15.15286     offset : 0002d04a

    Please help.