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Sequence of Authorization check for a transaction

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    • I don’t agree, to people not coming from ABAP world is something fresh and nice to read, btw if you are an ABAP expert the blog has “Beginner” category, you are advertised.
      • Dear Ignacio:

        I don’t believe myself and ABAP Expert…And of course I was aware of the “beginner” label…What I said it’s that this should be more a WIKI entry than a blog…Anyway…It’s just my thought…I don’t want people posting blogs like “How to create a SM30 Table Maintenance” or “How to read Domain Values”…That kind of stuff is great for newbies of course…But everything got it’s own place…And WIKI is the place for that…



        • You are telling me: “Blogs are not place to newbies”…I DON’T AGREE
          IMO Beginners Blogs ( not “for newbies” blogs ) have it place in blogs under it own category.
          Of course “It is recommended” use of WIKI.
      • As a wiki page someone could also expand on the strange statement (for a beginner) whether an authorization object is assigned to the transaction and discuss what this means, how it’s set up etc…

        That’s the joy of wiki! It can also be easily found again – in 12 months time this blog will be almost unfindabble…