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What is “Mobile”?

I met a lot of people when I attended Amsterdam and Bangalore SDN days. When I said “Mobile Sales”, the first thing people assumed was that it was an application for PDAs or handheld devices. IT took some time to convince them that I was talking about an application for laptops.

“Mobile”, according to, means “Capable of moving or of being moved readily from place to place”. Once upon a time, a laptop was considered small and sleek and hence “mobile”. Gone are those days. Now laptops are too bulky to be categorised as “mobile”. But we still have Mobile Sales and Mobile Service applications meant for laptops. so atleast in these blogs, I always refer to this application as “Mobile Application for Laptop” tp avoid any kind of confusion.

Also, there are atleast three applications by SAP which have the same name (or a small variation of the same name) – Mobile Sales. One of them is based on Mobile Infrastructure (called as Mobile Sales for HandHeld). Another one is based on WebDynPro (called as Mobile Sales Online). And the application I handle is called Mobile Sales for laptops. So if someone or some document refers to “Mobile Sales”, you have to be very careful in interpreting it.

The ideal solution is to have one application named Mobile Sales and rename the rest. Or rename all of them – give them really nice names. This will solve a lot of confusion.

To make things a little worse, in India cellphone handsets are refered to as “Mobile”. I recently saw a poster in front of a shop selling cellphone handsets and it read “Mobile Sales and Service”. Obviously, the shopowner was not refering to any CRM application.

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