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CDB Data Archiving – Part 1

Data Archiving removes mass data, which the system no longer requires, from the database. But at the same time the data must be accessible at a later date, if required by the system.

Consolidated Database (CDB) is a logical database in CRM Server which stores all Mobile relevant data. The structure of the database tables are same as the Mobile client database (ides). The following two scenarios define the need for CDB data archiving –
1. When data is archived in CRM Server, the same has to be archived in CDB. Without CDB data archiving, the only option would be to delete the data in CDB when CRM data is archived. This would lead to loss of data in mobile-only fields.
2. When huge amount of transaction data is created, the data in CDB also becomes very huge. This may sometimes lead to performance problems.

The following are the steps in CDB data archiving –
1. Creation of archive objects.
2. Creating a pre-processor program.
3. Creation of archive files.
4. Delete from database.
5. Storage of archive files.
6. Un-archiving data.

These steps will be explained in detail in my next blog.

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