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SE80 – Application Hierarchy aka Stupid ABAP trick

The number one question for any ABAP developer is how to find some existing piece of code so we can either figure out why something is broken, copy it to our own version, or call it in our program. The difficulty we have is that the system is way too huge and guessing takes us only so far.

Our Solution: SE80 Application Hierarchy

SE80 is probably almost better than sliced bread for ABAP’ers and it is amazing what you can use the tool for. An overlooked feature is browsing the Application Hierarchy. The application hierarchy allows us to view ABAP development objects from the “functional view” of the world. We are no-longer slaves to understanding that certain applications use a certain prefix for their objects

To use the tool we first must get into transaction SE80


The next step is choose application hierarchy instead of currently selected development object


Now we have the coveted “functional” view of our system where we can browse objects by the application area


If we drill in to a particular application we know can see subcomponents:


Finally drilling further in we see the packages that make up that application area


So whats the benefit?

So if you know the business area you are working in, you have an alternative way of finding any development object for that area. We commonly know the functional process we are dealing with, and not always technically where to start. It is a lot easier than trying to guess what the naming convention is for a particular area.


Our trick may be something you already know, but if not it may prove very useful on those projects where you need to find that one BADI, table or function module to complete your coding.

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  • … the app hierarchy comes up directly in SAP-delivered search strategies in other transactions …

    But … a cautionary note can be found here:


    SAP should really make the “app hierarchy” construct “complete” so that it works completely all the time …

    Best regards

    • Yes the repository information system which is another great tool.  It probably was my most utilized tool, until I started using the application hierarchy.

      Yeah the application is not complete in older applications, but if you are doing CRM ABAP development, it is amazing how complete the structure is.  Then again a system with a relatively modern design should have that feature.