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Pimp up the jam: and the winner is

In January I Pimp up the jam the Pimp my S(D)N site, where the S(D)N community could send in their vision on how they want the SDN look like. In February, the S(D)N community could Pimp up the jam: choose your favourite on the 5 entries.


Since the voting has been closed yesterday, it’s now time to announce the winner. Here are the result from the S(D)N community jury:


Fifth place:     Quattro stagioni by Eddy De Clercq: 29 votes (12%)


Fourth place:     Simperlify by Dries Horions: 30 votes (12%)


Third place:     Carbon Chrome by Wenceslaus Gnana: 45 votes (18%)


Second place:     The unbreakable SDN Community by               Marcel Salein  : 52 votes (21%)


First place:     The Darker Side of SDN by     Abesh Bhattacharjee  : 92 votes (37%)




Congratulations. The S(D)N admins have received the details in order to assign the prize.


It doesn’t end with this competition though. I’ve asked the competitors to upload their entries on the Stylish site in order to let the S(D)N community download and use the styles for the S(D)N site. The styles can be found at this place.


Remember that you need Firefox with the Stylish plugin. Check my Pimp up the jam web log for details. I want to refer to the respective owners of the styles for questions and support concerning the styles.

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  • It would have been interesting to see how many S(D)N  -ers prefer this current design over the Stylish themes. !

    Too late it do it thought ! Personally , my vote is for the actual theme ! 🙂

    • But whatever the theme, my thanks go to Eddy for creating a very ungrumpy and colorful and creative dressing of the site…and to everyone who played…..
  • I just want to send a “thank you” to Eddy for initiating this contest and running it, to the four other designers who contributed their themes to the mix for consideration, and to all those who viewed and voted. 

    You’ll see some evolution of SDN and BPX designs unveiled in the coming weeks as we continuously adapt to growth, change, best practices in the online world, feedback via our twice-a-year member survey, and other factors. 

    We’re watching, listening, and responding to what our SDN and BPX community members tell us. 

    Best regards,

    Mark Yolton