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With the new build of the SAP NetWeaver 2004s ABAP Trial Version (SP11), we in SAP NetWeaver Product Management are eager to introduce, through a series of blogs, SAP ABAP technology to those with limited ABAP experience. While the Trial Version allows developers who are new to SAP to start learning ABAP it can also serve more experienced ABAP developers as a sandbox for more ambitous development experiments or to learn basic administrative tasks. In any case what you should have is a basic understanding of IT, and experience in at least one programming language. The blog series will start with easy – but essential – topics such as starting and stopping the SAP NW ABAP Application server from the management console. They’ll lead you to the development environment, where you can check out how easy and convenient it is to write applications in ABAP. Of course, the blogs cannot replace a solid training in ABAP technology, but it can serve as an appetizer before you delve deeper. With every blog, your knowledge of SAP technology will improve. And finally, you will have an overview of what’s going on in the ABAP application server. Feel free to make a suggestion for the topic you are interested in.

Part 1 ‘ Download and installation of the Trial Version ‘

Part 2 ‘ Starting and Stopping the Application Server ‘ 

Part 3 ‘ Why and How the Server Matters to You as a Developer: Server Architecture and Work Processes ‘ 

Part 4 ‘ Many Developers On One Central Server – How Does It Work ‘ 

Part 5 ‘ Navigation in the Application Server ‘ 

Part 6 ‘ A first Hello-World-Program ‘ 

Part 7 ‘ Creating a Program and a Package – An Introduction to the SAP Change and Transport System ‘ 

Part 8 ‘ Exporting development objects from SP8’ 

Part 9 ‘ Importing a transport into SP11 ‘ 

Part 10 ‘ A First Little Business Program ‘

Part 11 ‘ Getting More Familiar With the ABAP Dictionary ‘

Part 12 ‘ Debugging in ABAP ‘

Part 13 ‘ Get Your Program up to Speed ‘ 

Part 14 ‘ The Foundation of an Application – Creating the Database Tables ‘

Part 15 ‘ How to Dynamically Create Test Data for Our Database Table ‘

Part 16 ‘ MaxDB: Database Manager and SQL Studio ‘   

Part 17 ‘ Your first ABAP Object ‘ 

Part 18 ‘ Starting with Web Dynpro for ABAP ‘

There are two forums where you can post your questions and ask for help in case of trouble.

Trials, Previews & Other Downloads for general discussions about the trial versions ( interesting projects you are doing with it, wishes for the future,…) Web AS Preview Installation for concrete problems with the installation.

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    1. Dirk Feeken
      That’s what this blog series is intended to do.
      Another way to start learning ABAP on your own (if you don’t want to take the official SAP training courses BC400, BC401,…) is by reading the book “ABAP Objects” by Horst Keller and doing the exercises.
      (The second edition will be shipped in english soon.)
    1. Dirk Feeken
      Sorry, no this is just the ABAP part of the NW application server. XI requires a double stack with ABAP and Java (for the adaptors).
  1. Abdul Hakim
    Whether the ABAP Trial Version Netweaver2004s is an IDES system??..If not how can we have data for Practicing(Creating Programs) for eg.Material masters data,Vendor Masters data,Customer Masters data,GL Masters data…???


  2. Peter Inotai
    Hi Manfred,

    It’s great that ABAP and ABAPers got such support.
    I have a couple of questions:
    1) What is new in this version compare to the SP08 version apart from SP09-11 and the kernel patch (I guess)?
    2) Is the ABAP Book example package included such in case of version SP08?
    3) Is there any ABAP 7.10 Sneak Preview planned? Or is it too early to talk about this?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Dirk Feeken
      Hi Peter,

      next to the SP11 corrections the major improvements are fixed the bugs which showed up in the SP08 version, like the (annoying) disp+work crash when trying to create web services.
      The ABAP book examples are also contained in this version, and regarding further versions … lets say that we don’t plan to stop our trial version activities.


  3. Former Member

    my system has 512 RAM and 80 GB hard disk. can i download the trial version of ABAP.
    Is there any other way to download abap with this conf?

    1. Dirk Feeken
      You can try it. The system will run on a 512MB PC but it won’t be fun to work with.
      Investing in another 512MB memory makes probaby more sense than wasting too much time with such a slow system.
  4. Former Member

    If I install everything required for this tutorial, will I run into any problems (software conflicts, not performance or memory etc…) with the SAP Netweaver Developer Studio and the SAP MMC I already have installed on my machine?


  5. Former Member
    When installing 2004s, the documentation states that there is a predefined Userid and PW.
    I am now attempting to uninstall Max DB.  It is requesting a Userid and PW.
    What values do I use?
    Please respond to
    Thank you
  6. Former Member
    I forgot to mention that I first attempted to remove the 2004s version in add/remove programs.  The uninstall failed and Max DB is hogging 12 gig of disk space.  How do I blow it away?
    1. Former Member
      I refreshed add/remove programs and the Max DB entry vanished.  There are still a lot of SAP files left on the C: drive.  Is it safe to simply delete them?
  7. Former Member

    I am trying to install a license, my previous one runs out in three days.  When I go to install it I get the error message ‘The license key library has not been initialized yet.’ … when installing, I follow the exact procedure to install the entended license, but I always get the error.  Is it because I have to wait before the old license expires?

    Please advise,
    Many thanks

  8. Former Member
    i need to download the two files what you mentioned in the abap trail versions.

    I am unable to download it.plz help me.


  9. Former Member
    Hello ,
    when trying to extend the demo license on the nsp the first time, I am getting the error message: The license key library has not been initialized yet. 
    Any ideas?
  10. Peter Inotai
    Hi Manfred,

    Could you consider the possibility of adding the Adobe Designer to the future versions of the SAPGUI for ABAP Sneak Preview?
    It would be useful for the Adobe forms.

    Thanks in advance,

  11. Former Member
    Dear Manfred Lutz,

    Really commendable effort;
    Thanks for these weblogs.

    I would greatly appreciate
    if similiar weblogs were
    created for PI (XI) learning.
    PI (XI) step by step for newbies!

    Thanks again,
    Aby Jacob

  12. Former Member
    I have succesfully instaled trail version..But iam unable to logon,it says server not reachable,but i have that entry in the hosts file.Can anyone help me?
    1. Former Member
      Please see my reply to Jelly Yang above your post. Other than the IP problem pointed out, the comp name has to be 13 char or less. You will need to uninstall everything and start from scratch as in my reply referred
    2. Former Member
      You have two options for that .

      1>Go to my computer and change your computer name to localhost.

      2>Install microsoft loopback adapter .in it provide the ip address that you have assigned to your computer in ets hosts file.

      if this doesnot solves your problem reply me back.

  13. Former Member
    I have installed the system succrssed,and can login in ,there is no problem but run webdynpro.
    i changed a file in the system32 “” and saved,but still can’t run.
    it hinted “code=CANT_CONNECT_LOOPBACK] Cannot connect due to potential loopback problems “
    can anyone help me resolve it? Thanks .
    1. Former Member

      1. You have to uninstall everything first. <br/><br/>2. To uninstall : <br/> All programs => sap netweaver.. => NSP => uninstall.<br/>  : Control Panel => add remove programs, remove SAP related programs one by one viz SAP GUI, SAP MMC snap

  14. Former Member
    Hi Manfred

    I like to know differences between 4.7 and this NW7ABAP.

    Like I heard that NW is mainly used for webbased and ABAP is not desktop base like.

    Can you please explain in detail.

    Where as I am looking forward to learn ABAP towards webbased. Is it possible.

    Thanks in advance.


  15. Former Member
    Hi Manfred
    I’m trying to install the SAPnw ABAP trial version on windows vista, but at the beginning of the instalation it appears an error with java. What can i do? Thanks
  16. Former Member
    This is a great blog and very helpful – many thanks! I’m just wondering if ‘series 19’ will be forthcoming or is it time to jump the nest and venture out on our own?  ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. Former Member

    I installed SAP netweaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 Trial Version in my laptop. Creating a new Function Group is asking for an access key. Is there any access key number for trial versions? How else shall i create a function group?



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