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  1. Former Member
    I’m reasonably familiar with Widgets and was very interested in using them with BW. We have BW 3.5 for the time being, can the QueryViewData web service be used with that?
  2. Former Member
    Hello Prakash:

    I downloaded v2.1 and modified .kon and .js file to suit my work environment.
    when i run the widget, i get prompted for userid/password from the web app server.
    Is this behavior normal ? because when i input the logon credentials, i get a 500 error

    I configured per how-to guide, am i missing something?

    Appreciate your response


    1. Former Member Post author
      What did you modify? Did it work before you modified it? What happened when you tested the web service?

      You shouldn’t be prompted for the uidpw if you fill these in within the widget preferences…

      1. Former Member

        Prakash:***Modification***<br/>I modified the .js file to escape ‘&’ with url encode. This is all i modified. <br/><br/>when i take out the url encode, i don’t get prompted but, still get 500 error<br/><br/>I tried version 1.0, same issue.<br/><br/>Any ideas<br/><br/>Thanks<br/>Vijay

        1. Former Member Post author
          Make sure in the widget preferences, when you specify the ABAP host, you specify the host:port

          For example,


          or something of the such…

            1. Former Member Post author
              Seems strange. Try an http trace? Any details? Add an alert in the javascript to help debug why this is not working for you. I haven’t had any other customers with the same issue, so it might be something specific to your PC/network…

              Proxy settings on your local PC?

                    1. Edwin Melendez
                      I added S_SERVICE to my roles and that did the trick. standard role SAP_XI_DEVELOPER includes this authorization object.

                      Hope this helps.

                      Edwin Melendez

  3. Former Member
    Hello Prakash,

    Thanks again for creating this widget. I’ve added some code to allow traffic lights to show up for those interested. You have to add this code after line 231 of Global_include.js (in the “Write Lead columns” section). I’m not sure how to post the images here. I’ll send them to you by email so you can bundle them to your next version if you think it could be of any use.

    One thing to add to your laundry list also : multiple language support.

    Best regards,

    Here is the code :
    Line 231 —> dataset[row][col].data = xmlDoc.evaluate(“string(soap-env:Envelope/soap-env:Body/n0:GetQueryViewDataResponse/AxisData/item[Axis=’001′]/Set/item[” + index + “]/Caption)”);
    // beginning of changes
    if (col == 0) // <— Enter the column where you want the lights to show up here. 0 = 1st column
    //Go get the status (the Chavl (key), not the Caption!)
    status = xmlDoc.evaluate(“string(soap-env:Envelope/soap-env:Body/n0:GetQueryViewDataResponse/AxisData/item[Axis=’001′]/Set/item[” + index + “]/Chavl)”);
    //replace the dataset[row][col] value by the traffic lights image
    dataset[row][col] = new Image();
    dataset[row][col].hOffset = colposition;
    dataset[row][col].vOffset = rowposition – 9;
    dataset[row][col].visible = true;
    //Pick the right image
    if (status == “R”)
    dataset[row][col].src = ‘images/tl_red.gif’;
    if (status == “Y”)
    dataset[row][col].src = ‘images/tl_yel.gif’;
    if (status == “G”)
    dataset[row][col].src = ‘images/tl_gre.gif’;
    //end of changes

    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks David. I added the “multi-language” support to my laundry list of stuff to work on. Good job with the updates. Keep me informed of all the cool things you do with this!
      1. Former Member
        Hi Prakash

        I have similar requirement. As far I know, in VC we can get directly all the information from queries.
        Can you please explain in detail what is advatange of using this (widgets)webservice when we have VC.

  4. Former Member
    Hi Prakash,
    unfortunately our Basis eliminated the http access. So i can only acces to BW via htpps.I already changed the var webservice (http to https). But unfortunately it does not work.
    In the SICF-settings i changed the security settings to SSL (in the external alias too).

    Do you have a hint ?

    By the way – if you would implement the traffic light solution, that would be great.


    1. Former Member Post author
      The queryviewdata web service is using “Basic SOAP authentication” profile. Make a copy of that web service and change the soap authentication profile to https.
  5. Former Member
    It is a very interesting widget you have created here. I tried to install it, but in step 14 in your instructions, where I should test the service, I get an SOAP error: “SOAP processing failure, error id = 1001 “, and the “request”. And “response” areas contains only XML-code. Have you an idea where in the setup the problem is located?
      1. Former Member
        Dear Prakash,

        What is the plan to release the latest version of BI Data Widget V2.02?

        I suppose, BI Data Widget V2.01 for download is now the dated one. while extracting from the Zip file, i am getting the error :

        Error in file #1:  bad Zip file offset (Error local header signature not found):  disk #1  offset: 0

        Other Yahoo widgets are working fine on my machine and the Webservice seems to have no issue.

        Appreciate your prompt reply.


        1. Former Member Post author
          HEy sorry for the delay on this. I’ve actually got version 3.0 in the works but got side tracked with the real job and don’t have time to play with this much nowadays.

          Here’s version 2.02:

          I’ll try and get that uploaded to SDN. Version 3.0 has a lot of stuff I got from the community plus support for flash graphs (can see a demo on the BI page on SDN under demos and screencams).


    1. Former Member

      I had same SOAP error: “SOAP processing failure, error id = 1001 “,have you solved the problem?
      If you have,please give me the solution.

      Best Regards,

  6. Former Member
    dear prakash,

    This is simply superb and the right thing which i was looking for my top management.

    In your first blog you had mentioned about:
    “A how-to guide is coming soon which will explain how to build this widget, step by step…”.

    i tried to search this but couldnt see it in the list of how to guides.

    can you please confirm if this is released, as there are few queries in the post download steps of this widget?

    thanks for all the wonderful contributions!!



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