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While looking up some specific info about 4GL in Wikipedia, I noted ABAP being mentioned in the list as well. Following some links I finally arrived here:

To my surprise the links referring to Web Dynpro and BSP turned out to be dead ends. There are no entries in Wikipedia no Wiktionary for them. So who’s gonna change that? Would be great if the almighty SDN gods awarded a few points to the person who will create the initial page for each of the two topics there. *hint* *hint* 🙂

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    1. Former Member
      And what about SDN??? It’s only shown as an acronym for SAP Developer Network…But no related page to it…Just a link for



  1. Ghaaa!

    I wrote a page on wikipedia about NWDI, and I get a complain that it needs to be wikified.
    I also added a page about webdynpro but that page is deleted all the time. Even though I’ve tried to add links “to make it more relevant”…

    Can’t these people ever be satesfied?!
    I think wikipedia think that Webdynpro is a product and there is rules about “not promoting products” or something.

    Anyway I managed to sneek in the mention of webdynpro in the “SAP Enterprise Portal” page, the “List_of_Rapid_Application_Development_tools” page and the “Model-view-controller” page.

    If anyone wants my article for posting to wikipedia (after it’s wikified), please contact me. I’ve given up writing about webdynpro on wikipedia!

    1. Former Member Post author
      I was taking a look at the page. Well, wikipedia requires a topic to be cited by external sources.
      Otherwise it’s classified as product marketing.

      For SAP products it means that a non-SAP
      affiliated sources needs to be used as well beside
      the usual SAP ones. If done that way, the page
      regains a neutral point of view and gets a chance
      to surive.

      Best regards,

      P.S: Also checked the Business Server Pages page. It’s about getting deleted for the same reasons.


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