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The Making Of A Powerful Composite : Integrating SAP xMII With Guided Procedure

In my The Making Of A Powerful Composite : Integrating SAP xMII with CAF Core I discussed how SAP xMII can be integrated with CAF Core and leverage the data modeling and local persistency feature offered by CAF Core. In this weblog I’ll explain how xMII services and UI can be integrated with Guided Procedure and thus helping us to develop an effective manufacturing work process management composite.

SAP Guided Procedures is the process layer of SAP’s
Composite Application Framework (CAF) and part of
SAP NetWeaver. It is a business process management and modeling framework using which processes and workflows for composite applications can be easily developed.
Using Guided Procedure web services from external systems, RFC/BAPI from backend ECC or user interfaces like Web Dynpro, Visual Composer or simple web page can be integrated in a process flow. For more information on Guided Procedure please check the following documents:

CAF Guided Procedures Overview

Guided Procedures Design Time Overview

Design a Process from Scratch (GP)</li>
You can also refer SAP Composite Application Framework – CAF Tutorial Center or SAP Library – CAF Guided Procedure

For more details on how to integrate xMII visualizations in Web Dynpro Java please refer this document. To know how to implement Web Dynpro Java callable object in GP refer this document. Also xMII web/irpt pages can be integrated with GP as web page callable objects.

The GP process actions can be assigned to different users, roles or user groups and can be configured to be automatically appear in their UWL or notification in mail inbox. For more information on how to present the GP process to the end-users please refer How To Present Your GP Processes To The End User blog.

Thus SAP xMII can be effectively integrated with CAF GP to model manufacturing process composite applications.

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    • xMII and GP can be used in developing various manufacturing work process management composite. Currently I’m working on one and shall publish it once it’s done. Here I can give a brief hint how such scesnarios may work. xMII captures the plant data and provide visualizations. These visualizations are suitable for different roles of uses in plant floor e.g. the production supervisor or the production operator. The visualization generated can be integrated in a GP process and those will be available to the corresponding user/roles based on the process flow. Also the services developed in xMII for capturing data/processing data/display data can also be accessed from GP process step as described in my blog.