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My first blogging anniversary

This past February 17, I celebrate my first blogging anniversary.

I still remember when Craig mailed me asking if I was interested in blogging for the SDN. My first blog was Tasting the mix of PHP and SAP which generate 18 comments and a lot of traffic…But most important…It brings attention to my lovely Scripting Languages.

Thanks to that very first blog, I also made it on the front page…Twice! First along with Mr. Thomas Jung and second alone.



During this period I have wrote a lot of blogs about PHP, Ruby, ABAP and HR…But of course, I also have made some big mistakes…Thanks god, Craig has always been there supporting me, advising me and helping me to get in the right track.

What I have learned being a SDN Blogger is that we have a big responsibility of writing quality blogs, following SDN rules and trying to share our knowledge with the rest of this amazing community.

I must say THANX!!! to Craig, the SDN and of course…All of you! who reads not only my blogs, but all blogs…and sometimes wrote the blogs that I read and enjoy.

P.S: This blog is a Ranting so I don’t get any points -;) or at least…I’m not supposed to -:P

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  • A whole year has flown by.  It is now hard to imagine a day without seeing a blog or a comment on SDN from the now famous Blag.

    Keep up the good work, the community appreciates quality contributions.  Thanks for putting in the time and effort.


    • Hi Puru:

      Are you sure??? Most of my friends bug me because of the old photo…And actually…I’m as thin as in that photo, so the actual one is more like me right now -;)



  • Thank you for the wonderfully kind words, it was quite a treat to read this blog first thing in the morning especially since I am about to go on vacation for a short period of time (starting Friday evening) – a wonderful start to that vacation already!

    One of the things that make this job so exciting is the new things each and everyone one of you do each day, there is always something happening and you yourself bring so many of the great things here that my job actually gets harder and I love it!

    Each time you write a blog I go out into the wide world and track who is reading the blog, who is talking about it and referring to it. Each time you start something new like the PHP Framework for SAP I get a chance to go out and talk to people about it.

    We try very hard to avoid the concept of “elite” here as it brings about so many negative aspects and is not helpful whatsoever however we do recognize the “inner circle” of contributors who go out of their way to make SDN and BPX a better place the passion you yourself bring is among the highest I’ve ever seen and for that I want to say  thank you!

    To thank you and all the others out there in the “inner circle”, you know who you are because you are the ones we bug the most with our “alpha” tests – THANK YOU!

    PS – Did you know you are in the top 20 for most prolific bloggers here in the Community and that after just 1 year – nice job!

    • Hi Craig:

      Top 20? Really? I didn’t have a clue -:D That makes me happy -:) Good luck on your vacations!!! -:D Try to stay from your computer…I know it’s hard -:( But, it’s vacation -:P



  • I read your Blogs on PHP and SAP as i had dabbled with PHP while in college ! And trust me it was a new awakening for me 🙂 I just love the enthusiasm you exude into any discussion or for that matter any where on SDN where you post your views. I was lucky to have you post one at one of my Blogs…
    Way to go Blag !
    • Hi Abesh:

      Thanks! I happy to know that my blogs were helpful to you -:) And what can I say…I’m happy either to have you commenting on one of my blogs -;)



  • Blag,

    I want to add my congratulations on reaching your first-year anniversary as an SDN blogger, and also my thanks for your ongoing active contributions to the community.  Not only do you share knowledge, but also wisdom and a maturity and a sense of responsibility and dedication that come thru your words in forum posts, articles, and blogs.  Lots of people ask and answer questions, or stir-up topics and interesting little controversies or mind-benders, but it’s rare to find the cream-of-the-crop people who contribute selflessly with the good of the entire community and not self-promotion as their primary goal.  It’s easy to pick-out those people from the crowd thru their tone, and they are just a small percentage, but they (you and many others in the elite crowd of people above 1000 or even 5000 points) really make SDN (and BPX) a vibrant and positive force for SAP customers, partners, and within the company itself.  Again: congratulations and thank you. 

    Mark Yolton

    • Hi Mark:

      What can I say? I’m really honor of having your comment on my blog -:)

      As I always said…I tried to do my best in the community that welcomes me with open arms the first time I join them…That’s not something that you get in any community…Here, I have made some great friends which keep in contact with me, either by Skype, Twitter or LinkedIn and that’s a real prove that more than a community, the SDN is a big family.

      My aim is to keep helping with my little knowledge and wisdom.



  • Blag,

    My congratulations!
    Your contribution here on SDN is tremendous!  If SDN run “The-most-active-SDN-blogger-who-is-not-Craig” award then you would get top prize in 2006 🙂

    Good luck and best wishes in your New SDN Blogging Year! 🙂
    Valery, 3 years old SDN-er