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Facts about Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet is a quick way to see all the essential data about a business partner specified in a business transaction. It can be viewed in CRM Server, CRM Mobile and IC web Client. The information contained in the fact sheet is divided into info(information) blocks that group together certain kinds of data. Also, it is possible to define views for the fact sheet and assign them to different user groups or roles in Customizing. In other words, what you see in the fact sheet depends on the application you are working in or the user group to which you belong to.

Fact Sheets are downloaded to Mobile Client as PDF files and locally as a special attachment. These files are created automatically in CRM Server by a report (CRM_FACTREQUEST_DOWNLOAD) which is scheduled to run periodically.

Fact sheets are replicated for all business partners or contact persons who are subscribed to the mobile site. The following publications are used for replicating the fact sheet for subscribed business partners or contact persons:
Fact Sheet (by Business Partner & Language)
Fact Sheet (by Business Partner)
Fact Sheet (by Contact Person & Language)
Fact Sheet (by Contact Person)

Fact sheets can be displayed and requested on the mobile client from the following tiles –
1. Business Partners -> Fact Sheet and Contact Persons -> Fact Sheet tile sets
The Fact Sheet Details tile provides options for displaying the current fact sheet and requesting a new fact sheet.
2. Activity Search tile set
The fact sheet is created either for all business activities or for specific activity transaction types. Fact sheets are created for the business partners linked to the activities contained in the result list.

In offline mode, the “Display Current Fact Sheet” option can be used in Fact Sheet Details tile or the activity result list to view the most recent version of the business partner fact sheet for the business partner, contact person or activity.

The “Request New Fact Sheet” option can be used for the business partner or contact person selected in Fact Sheet Details tile and the “Request New Fact Sheets” option can be used in the activity result list to generate Fact Sheet for the list of business partners. This option works differently in offline and online modes. In offline mode, a request is written to the queue whereas in online mode, a connection is made to CRM Server (through RFC calls) and Fact Sheet fetched from CRM Server.

Customizing settings have to be maintained in Mobile System Maintenance in the Business Partner Settings -> Fact Sheet tile set to establish the connection.

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