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SAP and Second Life

While Virtual Worlds: Breakfast with Second Life’s CTO Cory Ondrejka enjoyed a great breakfast I got treated to a great evening presentation in Second Life. I was invited to take part inside of Second Life itself in presentation by Pixel Park in their online conference center, Corecon Convention Center.  For a small recap of what Second Life is,

…more a mashup of a collaborative Web 2.0 platform with SimCity and e-business components in a 3D environment.  The virtual community has currently more then 4.5 Mio members, which Second Life calls “residents”. You can sign up for free, choose a name and an avatar (a virtual character) and walk and interact in this world. Second Life’s virtual currency is the Linden Dollar (Linden, or L$) and is exchangeable for US Dollars in a marketplace consisting of residents, Linden Lab and real life companies (more on Wikipedia).

For more details please check out Mario’s Virtual Worlds: Breakfast with Second Life’s CTO Cory Ondrejka Now I’m still relatively new to navigating and moving around in Second Life although I did try it several times in the past, so here’s a small story of my evening…  I dropped off the team call to realize I was already a few minutes behind so I rushed over to my desktop PC, my home monster machine and loaded up Second Life and logged in. I quickly added “Sebastian Otaared” to my friend list so I could easily find where everyone was – jumped into my map did a search and then teleported to the conference center. image I took a seat and looked around and found several of the other SAPlers there and waiting as well, pressed the play button and was blown away by the amazing quality of the presentation and more by the great quality of the audio stream!  After hearing from Pixelpark and Sebastian and their experiences with Second Life and their work with the conference center they built we went over to a small conference room to have a chat… image It was a great chat with a lot of positive feedback and ideas, we may not have been as cool as this but we did have one guy in there with a custom made t-shirt (I know I can’t seem to avoid them) image Photo is a bit fuzzy but that is an SAP logo, I need to figure out how to modify my shirts in there so I can wear my cool “SDN CREW” shirt 🙂  So what is all this talk about SAP and SDN and Second Life? Well for one it’s a very interesting platform that has not been fully pushed to it’s limits yet and since we like to do that and we love to see this community do that we decided to take a closer look to see what possibilities are there (if any) and investigate a bit more…  Anyone already using SL you can find me there with the name “Craigster Hax”. 

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  • Hey Craig,

    I'm following this SL stuff now for quite some time but I've never logged in personally. My wife just asked me two days ago to try it out so maybe you'll find me there soon.

    From what I've seen/heard the graphics aren't up to date and the number of user online are only a couple of ten thousands. There seem to be a lot of "dead" users that registered once but don't use SL on a regular basis.

    The possibilities are quite compelling. I would love to the a SDN clubhouse there with a library of video tutorials that you can watch or a SDN members gallery with Rich always on top position;)

    But one thing that bugs me atm is that it is a closed system under total control of Linden Labs. What I would like to see is an distributed OSS version where everybody can link in his own server with his own real estate which combined defines the complete world. This would really open up this space and could make it the 3D Internet version. Let's hope someone is working on that.


    • Certainly some potential there and they have been moving things more towards OSS but how far they will go is anyone's guess. I mean they are making money and going total OSS with distributed servers might have an impact they don't want on their business model but it could also increase their sales/profits by a huge amount as well.

      It will be interesting as more of the big companies start to come on board and take a look.

      As for SAP/SDN a clubhouse sounds like a cool idea but won't that just take away time everyone has from their normal job? How many would use it? So far I've not been contacted by anyone in the community to add as a friend so I don't have a clue how many actually use it?

      • As far as I know they only release the source of the client. That's fine because now people can start to fix bugs, build skins or even plug-ins (I don't even know if there is a plug-in framework in place for doing this). But if they don't open up the server components on the long run, someone else will come up and do it. There way to much potential in that area.

        Another idea: build a SDN clubhouse in SL so that when TechEd is running members that don't have a chance to go there still can meet up with attendees or even watch clubhouse events/presentations as a live video stream. How about that?