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‘Less Traveled’….Functionalities-III in SD Module Common Queries for Cross Selling

In continuotion to the last blog of the series for Cross-Selling, would try to address some of the common queries and their possible resolution in SAP. What is the Difference between Cross and Up SellingBasically Cross selling and Up-selling are the same terminologies. As Federal Trade Commission defines Up-selling, in the context of telemarketing, as “soliciting the purchase of goods or services following an initial transaction during a single telephone call” the phrase ‘Cross-selling is generally used instead of Up-selling. These are the two of the best ways to develop the customer base and increase the average customer value. Is there any Difference between Cross-Selling and product proposalCross-selling is dependent from the material. After entering the material in the document, a dialog box appears with a list of materials for selection. Here, one can select from materials that are most frequently sold together.  The product proposal is dependent on the customer and the defined sales area. The proposed materials are proposed directly in the sales document without quantity specification and item number. Product proposal can be determined completely flexibly and individually.  Are there any Options to create a Cross-Selling relationship between two or more materials The SAP standard system provides two options: a)     Create a condition record using Transaction VB41. b)     Start the analysis run (report SDCRSL01) using Transaction SDVK. The companion sales analysis statistically determines a list with the double combinations of materials that are most common. One can specify the specified identifier as an attribute of the SD_DPP_CROSS_SELLING function module in the access sequence of the product proposal schema in Customizing.  Can we use the dynamic product proposal and Cross-Selling functions togetherProduct proposal and Cross-Selling cannot be used together in the SAP standard system. Due to a product proposal, the standard system does not provide an option for selecting materials that are recognized as Cross-Selling materials after the selection and that trigger the Cross-Selling dialog box.  In Customizing of Cross-Selling, however, one has the option to maintain a product proposal schema in the profile definition. As a result, all materials from the product proposal are now also listed in the dialog box of Cross-Selling. In this case, this happens after you enter a material. If the product proposal contains many materials, this solution is inconvenient with regard to the size of the dialog box.  In my next Blog, i would be discussing Dynamic Product Proposal.
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