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Community Profiles, the future of Junior Blogs and you…

It’s been awhile in the works and your recent feedback gave it the push it needed to go live, well OK beta.  For awhile now we as a team have been debating the changes and the evolutionary steps that this community has taken. Recently the topic sort of came to a head resulting in this Problems abound in the Community Blogosphere and this Community Blogosphere – the future going forward followed by a second Community Blogosphere, where we are….  We threw a survey out there as well, along with the numerous emails, IM’s and phone conversations we had with an extremely large amount of the community (first time I actually used all of my credit on Skype within 1 month of purchasing it.) image If you’d like to see the comments, go here.  Adding all of that together we never really hit a huge number like we wanted. We also seemed to be a split (which we expected) on the types of blog content. So we’ve had to make some decisions based on our experience, knowledge and past history of the community as well as what some other big enterprise communities are doing out there. Then we decided we’d do something completely new and different…  We have our forums, we have the Wiki and we have our Blogs – this is now going to change a bit as well as who has the right to publish what.  Starting today, our forums stay the same, the blogs will become an invitation only process (no need to apply) and the Expert and Product space Wiki areas will also be an  invitation only process (no need to apply). Now before everyone screams “what the…” we are adding an entirely new section called…


These are invitation only as well, however if you’ve earned 100 points or more you will be receiving an email invitation to create your very own Profile.  Here are some examples of our alpha testers. imageimageimage Not only that, but everyone and I mean everyone invited to create their own Profile will also have the option of blogging there as well. This is our new Junior Blog area!  image Remember this system works based on your input, if someone really starts to do great things with their Profile, they write up some interesting articles, make some great blog entries – it’s your job as the community to use the “Notify Moderator” and the “Comments” to tell us how great it is – because unless you do they will never get an invitation to become and “Expert Blogger” or an “Expert Wiki Editor“, that’s right no more simple application you are now judged by your peers on your own work – no points are given here unless you do some great work and the only we the moderators will know is if your peers tell us.  You can also make us aware by linking to great blog entries, articles, thoughts, and profiles on your own profile page.  Now some of you may be upset with the idea of having two places to go read blogs and for that we will have  a solution in the near future after an upgrade to our Wiki and Blog systems for now though you’ll have to either subscribe or load both pages. The Gradnfather Clause, now also starting today any “Junior Blogger” or anyone who is approved as a “Blogger” in the Expert Blog system and has not written at least 1 blog will lose their access, all those who have written less than 2 blogs will be reviewed on a case by case process.  Also anyone who has been active in the Product and Expert Wiki Spaces will remain an editor for those areas if they so choose. Actually for the Wiki areas this will be a phase process so if you want to get in with this clause I suggest you add some really great content over the next couple of days. Please Note: the Code Gallery, the Contributor Corner and the Sandbox are not affected by this.

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  • For those of you who were in the first batch this week for invitation please remember it may take some time before the LDAPs are all up to date for you to be able to create your page…
        • 🙂

          Sorry abt that…but since I was presented with an Application Form when I tried that link and I filled in…to get a mail from Kling directing me to this blog…Is it that for each post of a blog one has to fill this? If no, then just removing the application form alone and putting a message with a link to this blog would save some time for the first timers to Post a Blog… 🙁


          • Unfortunately that form doubles as the “profile” update for those already in that blogging system so we’re not able to simply just remove it.

            Always best is to follow the guidelines at the top “How to Contribute” right up there at the top. We’re also in a transition phase with several of the collaboration areas please bear with us!

          • Hello,

            This is new process is stupid. and SAP is trying to do monopoly. Who will sit and give replies in forums. Since there is no enough technical info i wish to share my knowledge and reasearch done in certain area with others but as for your process i should get 100 points means i need to waste some of my valuable time without earning anything why should i. then definately i cant share my knowledge others if you want to getonly food stuff review the blog and remove it if it is not worth but ths process your following now is stupid..very stupid…….

          • Hello,

            Nobody will waste time to write blogs and wait to get 100 points just to share their knowledge use some common sense. they are not sharing their knowledge as they dont have any other work.

            Enjoy with your stuffff. very good bye to your blogs and SDN.


          • SAP is trying to do monopoly??? I not an SAP employee but I’m a Senior Blogger…

            People with real community spirit sits everyday and share knowlegde by answering in the forums…If you think that your going to waste your time, you should left the SDN…

            The process we are following was taken mainly because blogs were taking very poor quality…So this is a way to improve who can or can’t write blogs…

            Again…You don’t like it, just don’t buy it…



  • Hi Craig:

    Thanks! It’s nice to be part of your weblog, the SDN and it’s upgrading process -:)

    I hope this new way of choosing bloggers and Wiki editors makes the community more aware that the SDN it’s a great community because it’s composed of great members…The more feedback your team gets…The more you can do to improve the user experience.

    A big hug for the SDN Team!



  • Rule1: Anyone can create content under their profile area in the Community Profiles wiki space.

    Rule2: Some people can create content under the Expert and Product wiki spaces.

    Now come the questions!

    How does something created by someone in their own space become visible to the rest of the world?

    For ecample:

    If I am user1 who has written a blog in my Community Profiles space about, for example, EP, do I then tell the moderator about it? How do I notify the EP moderator, not the Community Profiles moderator?

    What does the EP moderator do when they are notified or see something useful in user1’s space? Do they provide a link to it from the EP space, or do they copy it?

    When user1 gets to 100 points, and then have access to write to the EP space, do they put their content there, or leave it in their Community Profiles space?


    • “if someone really starts to do great things with their Profile, they write up some interesting articles, make some great blog entries – it’s your job as the community to use the “Notify Moderator” and the “Comments” to tell us how great it is”

      The moderators within the Community Profiles space will play a very quiet role, we will watch the “User Notifications” and comments and who is linking where and as good content roles to the top we will notify other moderators and content specialists. If the work is great we’ll invite the person to become a Wiki Editor in e.g. EP space and if they’ve written a great paper or article we’ll most likely publish it in the library.

      Now everyone can still submit their papers and contributions the way they do now, doing it through your profile is more of a “hey look at this” and if the community responds well then either we notice and publish or you can still publish yourself.

      The 100 points get’s you your “Profile” access, not access to somewhere else. That comes from great quality work on your part being noticed and valued by the community. Once you have access to say the EP Wiki space it would of course make more sense to publish there and link to it from your Profile – don’t you think?

      • Hi Craig

        “Once you have access to say the EP Wiki space it would of course make more sense to publish there and link to it from your Profile – don’t you think?”

        Yes, I agree. At the moment I don’t believe there is an easy way to copy your content from one space to another – especially if there are images etc. Will this process be made easier?

        And now a few more questions:

        Is the idea that non-moderators keep a watch of personal profile spaces with certain keywords to let the moderator know, or does the originsl owner let the moderator know? I suppose I’m interested how “the community responds” to your new content.

        Are the moderators of the Community Profiles space the same as the moderators of the regular spaces?


        • Very easy to move pages around, might be a permission level thing but we do it all the time.

          The community let’s us know – on each page there is a tab for “Notify Moderator” as well as the comments tab.

          It means a whole more to we moderators when the community tells us about a great page you created as opposed to you telling us yourself.

          BTW this does not affect the Code Gallery that is still open for everyone to add content to and is a good way to reach the initial 100 points for a chance to do even more!

  • Are all the blog areas still going to be searchable like they are now.  With all of the information that pours into here on a daily basis, we have to be able to search or filter it.
    • Yes of course, the entire Wiki area is searchable so  no problem there at all. Over the next several weeks we will of course be fine tuning and working to bring a bigger overview to everyone as well.
    • Hi David

      I asked the same question, and Craig’s reply was (in part) that there is a Moderator tab on each page. When you select this you can then send comments to the moderator.


      • Exactly, easiest way to let us know each of us takes a look at all the “User notifications” on a regular basis and react when needed. This goes for ALL wiki areas.
  • “Let 100 flowers bloom …” 1956, Mao Tse-Tung(Zedong)

    heh heh heh, or as Chris Solomon would say … ha-ha.

    Seriously – I like the idea of the profile posting areas a lot.  Hope they remain “pointless” – no not that kind  of “pointless” that way, THAT kind of “pointless” – you know what I mean.

    PS to Chris Solomon in case he reads this:

    Chris – I apologize for borrowing your joke about “interfaces” to use in this context involving the SDN and non-SDN meanings of “pointless” – I just couldn’t resist …

  • I cheated and this first round I sent out 318 invites instead of the planned 100 – I got excited 😉

    As of right now (small typo in the mail so I resent – sorry for the spam) we have 20 profiles in there – where is yours?

    • Hi Craig

      On the “Getting Started” page of the Community Profiles page, you say to “Add News” from under the search box.
      Two questions/observations:
      1 I can’t find this link
      2 Why is it called News?


      • 1. You’ve not gotten an invite yet 🙂 once you get the invite and are added to the LDAP you’ll be able to see the link.

        2. Confluence name, it’s what the Wiki refers to as “news” entries which are in essence a “blog” entry.

        • Ahah, so the getting started is only for those who can get started!

          May I suggest that the instructions for creating pages be changed to remind people that including external links will cause confusing popups in IE (and maybe other browsers). For example, and without picking on Gregor, Gregor Wolf’s profile contains his photo as a link to a non-SDN site.


          • Precisely 🙂

            Ah the popup for http and https links – pain in the butt – FireFox supresses them with a setting change but IE won’t have any of that.

            We will add a info bit to the FAQ about what the pop up means but we won’t restrict the use of them.

          • I don’t want to restrict them either, but maybe when saving the page a syntax check can be done to look for external links and warn the editor?


          • Unless they are using FF and have set that little setting they will get the alert box themselves, according to our stats FF is not the majority so I think we are good it’s just a handful of us that use FireFox instead of IE 😉
        • hi craig,
                  I am getting more then 100 point till now i am not getting any invitation what i can do for getting invitation or add blog in sad.
  • A few folks have been asking: “How do I get an invitation”.  The answer: when you earn 100 points.  That can be accopmplished by creating and submitting content as podcast, videocast, article, or by participation in the forums, or, if you are quick and good, by participation in the wiki 🙂
      • Inivitations are sent out on a weekly basis and can be up to two weeks after you have crossed the 100 point mark – if for some reason you feel that it should have already come you can contact us via email through our support channel.
  • I hvae got 126 points on SDN and want to post a blog.

    According to this new process when will I get the invitation?
    Upto what time should I wait?


    • Craig and Gali are really busy folks…So please be patient -:) They surely going to mail you as soon as the can -;)



  • Hi
    Firstly, congrats to all in the technical team for such a marvelous job at SCN.
    I crossed the 100+ points mark more than a month ago. Yet no invitation for Community Network Profile. Can you please look into it?

    The Support channel you asked us to get in touch with, say that they don’t know anything about ‘Comm. Network Profiles’. Please update on this. Thanks!!