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Many of you might know the feature to sample matrix for Web Dynpro Java tutorials and sample applications. Recently we changed the layout of the matrix. You will see a list of tutorials organized by topics and a list where you can scroll down and look for interesting topics, e.g.

  • Basics & General This section contains a Hello World tutorial and gives a short overview on concepts and graphical tools.
  • Componentization With a component-based architecture, large-scale applications can be divided into smaller parts which are easier to maintain. This area includes all tutorials covering this topic.
  • Backend Access/Model Different models can be used in order to get data from the backend-system, such as Web service and RFC.
  • Designing Views and Windows This area contains useful information on view compositions, how to use windows and navigations.
  • UI Elements The UI element library includes simple, complex, graphical and mobile UI elements. The provided tutorials give samples and ideas how to use some of the more complex UI elements.
  • SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Dynamic non-interactive PDF forms, offline forms using download and email and online interactive PDF form are described. There are also tutorials on Value Help, Mobile Web Dynpro Java, Security, and Internationalization of Web Dynpro apps available.
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  1. Former Member
    I prefer this layout over the old one, as you do not have to click on a link to view the description of the tutorial.

    The old page located at
    is still linked from the WDP page menu on the right under the “Web Dynpro Sample Applications and Tutorials” link (

    The old page has probably been linked to from blogs and the forum, so a 301 redirect from the old page to the new page should be created.

    The new page also has three links to the old page (Back to Web Dynpro Sample Applications and Tutorials matrix).

    I would like to see some new advanced tutorials added as well.

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hello Stefan,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. The three links to the old matrix have been deleted. The topic and homepages will be updated within the next days.

      Development and Product Management are always working on new material. Stay tuned!

      Thanks again and have a good day!

  2. I like the new layout and specially classification of each of the example, and corresponding PDF files .

    But my questions is why the same is not done with Web Dynpro for ABAP


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