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Big hopes on big upgrades. (SPS9 ~ SPS14 to SPS19)

Backup, Backup, Backup.  Your portal is the /usr directory and the databases is its spirit.  Treat them as such.  Before you attempt to do any upgrade of the WAS/portal ask your system admin (that’s if you are not it already) to do a full back up on all files, databases and system state the night before.  Download and uncar your files in advance.  The jumbled mess that comes with the sap download manager we are all familiar with.  Break these components down into folders like WAS, EP ect and uncar the files there.  They will be much easier to install if you can find the files in an orderly fashion.  Do not fall into the trap of SAFE MODE!  If you are upgrading from a version of less than SPS15, after the upgrade of the WAS you must put the system into SAFE MODE.  Go into the configtool.bat, > file and there it is.  Once set to yes, you must restart the engine.  Continue the install of everything else and bring it out of safe mode.  SPS15 and higher you do not have to worry about this.  WAS will do this for you and ask if you want to stay in safe mode to install other products.
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    • It’s for those of us that can’t just yet for one reason or another.

      Look at the people that are on SPS19, that path is not out yet for the move to the equivalant version of 2004s.

      I agree with you though.  My next upgrade will be to the 2004s spectrum.