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CRM 5.0: Adjusting the column width in the LIST view of PC-UI

In CRM 5.0 CRM Designer and blueprint application builder are replaced by one customizing tool. This should be used for all type of customizing. CRM designer tool was used to do some common customization like adjusting the LISTcolumn width, re-arranging the fields in the FORM and removing, adding fields to the UI.  In this short blog i will discuss how to adjust the LIST view column width using the new customizng tool.  In CRM5.0 fieldgroup customizng has some new fields which can be used for adjusting the column width. imageColumn Width: Field is used for adjusting the width of the fileds in the list. Field Hiegh and Field Length entries are used for the field width and hieght in FORM view.  Take can example to explain how to use “Column Field”. Below figure is account’s search result. If more columns are shown then some become very small making their headers invisible. See the highlighted headers.   image In the filed “Column Width” you enter value (Say 20) which mean that field will occupy 20% of total LIST. All other column will adjust in the remaining 80% width. if the value is entered in lot of fields in LIST it will be relative to number entered in all other fields.   I will make the “Title” field little bigger.  Open the transacion CRMC_BSP_CT for new customizng tool. you use the old transaction (CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C) to navigate to the fieldgroup customizing. Open the application: CRMM_ACCOUNT Navigate to the reference field group “ACC_SRES_LOG_NAM_V1”. as shown:image Enter the value 15 in the column width field.  Enter the value 12 for the field “BP_Name2”, Which will make that field little shorter. image Now you can see the LIST column are adjusted as per the above customization. Note: You can’t use this customizing for reference field groups. You should put the value for individual fields in reference groups.
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  • We have implemented TPM and all users are on the PCUI.  Therefore we’ve made a bunch of customizations and I’m happy with the functionality of the new tool.  The one funny bug is that it creates so many lock entries when copying new applications that we actually had to increase the lock table profile parameter or else the tool would dump.  Gotta love SAP.