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Shai Meant You When He Said…

SAP’s Shai Agassi — the President of the Product & Technology Group (PTG) — was interviewed by Don Tapscott (author of “Wikinomics…”) for “Business Week.”    In that interview and article, they meant you in these couple of paragraphs:  “For Agassi, it comes down to a basic principle of our networked world: There are always more smart people outside your enterprise boundaries than there are inside. “A large pool of innovative software companies can now provide customers with additional solutions with integration by design, not integration as an afterthought,” he says. So far, SAP’s platform for innovation includes more than half a million developers.   “As a growing number of individuals eke out a living as free agents, open platforms can become a hub for innovation and wealth creation. And companies with the most dynamic platforms—and with great opportunities for partners to establish a synergistic business—have the best chance of harnessing the talent those free agents can offer. For the record, the “more than half a million developers” comment is actually 720,000 members of SDN … with 500,000 unique individuals participating on SDN every month!    You can find the full “Business Week” article here.  
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  • Good to hear that SAP is really looking at this community to become the start for innovative companies building on SAP technologies.  I’ve always felt that SAP could nurture some interesting SAP’s Open Source Possibilities, this really seems to be the beginning of that movement.  Web Workers unite using SDN to create new technology and new companies all the while pushing SAP software further faster.