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The Astrobiology of Enterprise SOA: How Planet ABAP Can Seed Life on Planet BPX

Someone wants to customize QM so that inspection plan selection can drive off specific “vendor plant id’s” set up within SAP R3 as partner vendors (“MP/HS” partner function in WYT3) as well as primary vendors.    It turns out that with the exception of the “worklist” QE51N front-end to QE01/02, this can be done using SAP-delivered exits and BAdI’s.    In particular: image And it ain’t too difficult to see how exit/BAdI combo’s like the one above could “seed” a lot of good thinking by BPX’ers on service combo’s in the Enterprise SOA world.  So it seems to me that if SDN’ers from Planet ABAP were to post overview charts on exit/BAdI combo’s here at SDN, these overviews might well result in new life springing up on Planet BPX.  Just a thought, it being ABAP month and all.  And also – thanks to Rich, Naren, and others down in the Forums for suggesting two of the above enhancements, and for clue-ing me into SharedBuffer imports/exports, and for finding the right SAP function to pick up context id’s that can make memory id’s unique even for the same user in two simultaneous sessions.  And oh yeah – here’s a neat link to the real astrobiological stuff … PlanetPulse
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