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Customise the SDN Button for Google Toolbar for IE….

Customary Intro…

Here’s how you can configure the [SDN Button for Google Toolbar for IE | SDN Weblogs on your Google Toolbar !] to show feeds according to your choice and customize it’s search capabilities….


Refer to the Code Snippets Entry : Google Toolbar Button for SDN Weblogs</b>

<b>Customizing Feeds…</b>

Customizing feeds is the easiest part of the game. Just replace the entry between the <b><feed></feed></b> tags with the feed URL. And that’s it !

For e.g., if I wanted to see only ABAP posts, the feed URL would have been <b></b> and the code would have looked something like :
<feed refresh-interval=”900″ menu=”true” refresh-onclick=”true”></feed></b>

Here are the results, <b>Only ABAP Weblogs…</b>


<b>Customizing SDN Search…</b>

The section of the code to consider here are those between the <b><search></search></b> and <b><send></send></b> tags. The <b>search</b> tags are used to perform the search on a particular website with the parameter <b>being the one you type in the toolbar search box whereas the send tag sends a text selection to the search url through the parameter parameter in the search URL.


The values for the parameter cat the corresponding SDN categories are given below :

    • sdn_all – All
    • sdn_library – Library
    • sdn_downloads – Downloads
    • sdn_codesamples – Code Samples
    • sdn_media – Media
    • sdn_forums – Forums
    • sdn_weblog – Weblogs
    • sdn_wiki – Wiki
    • sdn_help – SAP Documentation
    • sdn_ossnotes – SAP Support Notes
    • sdn_api – SAP Netweaver API

Therefore if you want to search SAP Support Notes you would need to pass cat=sdn_ossnotes to the search URL.

That’s it ! So go ahead and customize your SDN Button…

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