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Configuration – Part 5

The Mobile client interfaces the IPC through SUN Wrapper provided with the IPC installation. The Sales configuration engine (SCE) of the IPC is used to configure the products. The SCE UI panel object of the IPC is encompassed in a Blue box controller, this serves as the user interface to perform the configuration on the mobile client. The IPC also provides a utility called the import manager which is required to import the knowledge base data into the SCEKBS (main database for SCE) database from the IDES. The knowledge base data is available in xml format in the IDES when there is a download from the CDB.

The following figure shows how IPC is involved in configuration –

Configuration in Mobile Sales 4.0

IPC is a special standalone installation (without IPC server and dispatcher). Configurator and Import Manager are deployed as ActiveX controls and the reg/tlb files are generated from Java code using the Sun ActiveX Bridge (sun.beans.ole.Packager).  The COM interfaces for data exchange with Sales Order in Mobile Sales are as follows –

  • Session (
  • Document (
  • Item (
  • Configuration (
  • SPCCFGConfigPaneBean
  •   o init:  initializes UI for given language
      o setItemBean: sets the item + configuration to be edited
  • SPCSessionBean
  •   o Factory for document
      o Factory for configuration
  • SPCDocumentBean
  •   o Factory (and container) for item
  • SPCItemBean
  •   o Contains item data like product, quantity, price, configuration
      o set/getConfig: access to the configuration
      o exportConfigToCSV (export configuration to char separated file format)
  • SPCCFGExtConfigurationBean
  •   o Contains configuration data:
        § Instances and parts
        § characteristic values
        § Variant conditions
      o Can be loaded from XML string (MSA DB)
      o setDisplayInfo: adds language dependent descriptions, visibility flags

SPC Bean methods can be debugged by switching on MSA logging in

The following is a sample screenshot of configuration in Mobile Sales 4.0.

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