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Configuration – Part 3

Each configurable product has a set of:

  • Characteristics and possible values.
  • Variant conditions that specify pricing and dependency rules.
  • Parts.

The above details are encompassed into a package called the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base contains all the necessary data to configure a product. For every configurable product created on the CRM online, there is always one Knowledge Base associated. For every configurable product created on the R/3, there could be one or more Knowledge Bases associated.

The following are the steps involved in bringing down data from R/3 to CRM –

1. Generate Knowledge Base (KB) Runtime version for the model (transaction CU34).

A KB runtime version represents a snapshot or baseline of configuration master data valid at given date. It maps Variant Configuration (VC) data to the Sales Configuration Engine (SCE) data model and is stored in R/3 tables with prefix ‘SCE’. It typically includes fewer fields than the original Variant Configuration master data (e.g. Material master, Bill of Material (BOM)). The following figure illustrates the data flow –

2. Initial and delta download.

It follows the same procedure as other CRM-R/3 data exchanges.

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