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Yahoo Widget for BI Data – v2

This blog is replaced with a newer version located here:

BI Data Widget – Weblog Series & Pre-requisites

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  • Hi Prakash,
    it looks fantastic!
    But can you help us with the customizing of the abap stack & java stack.
    How can we find the correct address and port for the ABAP stack. For the java stack the url is the same as for a bi query including /irj?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi,

    That widget is really great… but I have two small issues with the display…
    1. Apparantly it does not like the “€” which is a bit sad as we are European Company…
    2. It does not like “calendar day”, it does not display any value but an empty column instead…

    Any Idea why?

    • Hey Rodolphe,

      Glad you liked it. Sorry for the bugs. I didn’t encounter those scenarios when building it. I’ve created a new version (just for you) v2.4. Here is a temporary link:

      This will be updated on SDN shortly. This version does the following:

      1. Adds “Language” as a logon preference
      2. Fixes issue with 0CALDAY or any day based date characterstic


      • Many thanks!!!

        The issue with the calday is fixed (I had found a workaround by using a structure and text variable).

        Any Idea how to solve the “euro” display? The reason is that we have used a replacement character (€) for the Euro currency. But the widget seems no to like it instead of €, it displays â,┐.
        For the moment, I simply deactiave the replacement character.

        Many thanks our managers will love it.

        Best regards,

        • Unfortunately, I don’t know how to render a “Eur” symbol in the yahoo widget engine or even if the yahoo widget engine supports these characters. If you find any information on this, I’ll be happy to add it, but I have been unable to find out whether this is supported by this widget engine.
  • Hi Prakash,

    thanks for your great work, it is great to have such perfect documentation on creating widgets for bi data.

    I have tried to display one of my queries (following “How To…Consume BI Data withinYahoo Widgets”)in a widget but I am facing some problems.

    The background graphic is displayed and I don’t get any error messages, but also no data…

    When I open the query in the Web Services Navigator I get a result.

    Many thanks in advance and keep on sharing your knowledge :o)

      • Hi Prakash,

        yes, this widget is display correct, but it is an offline-widget, isn’t it?

        I just sent you an email with some screenshots and files…it would be great if you have a few moments to go through…


        • Hey Markus,

          Within the widget preferences, uncheck the checkbox for “Offline” mode. Then you can see your query in the widget.

          Also, to see the source code, you can use the yahoo widget converter to convert the .widget file to the .kon and .js files…

          All widgets are open source…

          Also, the email you sent me didn’t have attachments. I’m not allowed by my corporate policies to receive .js files in email…

          • Hi Prakash,

            as I am also new to widgets, I didn’t knew that you can also convert a widget to its sources.

            I am really happy :o)

            Thanks and have a nice weekend!

      • Hi Prakash,

        ups…I should have looked in the preferences of your widget. Yes, I can use your widget to display my query in it.

        Now I am wondering, why my widget does not work…

        Are you plannung to share you kon- and js-files of 2.71?


  • Hi Prakash,
    thanks for this great tool, i’m new to this stuff ..
    Some guys already asked how to determine the ABAP host and port an althoug the JAVA host and port.. Where can i get this information?
    By JAVA host do you mean the EP or the BI-system itself…
    i was able to execute all the configuration steps in your blogs and how-to-papers…
    … confused …
  • Hi,
    Cool Widget. it works great.
    After the first setings, i wanted to change the query and the infoprovider that the widget uses,

    When I entered the widget preferences I could only change the user password and theme.

    I then tried to copy the widget with another name but at that time I wasn’t able to change anything beside user password and theme, which means that all I can see on the copy widget is the “Daily Sales” demo report.

    I would appreciate if you would guide me with returning to the detailed preferences menu.


    • This seems really strange. What widget engine version are you using?

      This could be something to do with windows security. You could either try getting Admin Rights to your windows machine or go to regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\WidgetEngine\Widgets\BI_WIDGET_V2_74. This is where Yahoo stores preferences. See if all your preferences values are there. If they didn’t get written, it is a windows authorization issue.

      I’ve not had anyone else mention this issue and lots of people are using the widget productively. Let me know if this works for you.