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Integrating the Lotus Notes mails into SAP KM Platform by using the MailTransport,so that we can send and receive the mails from Enterprise Protal itself.

But now,this Weblog describes how to send mails from EP.

1.Please download and keep this files ready,as it will be required for setting up connectivity between Lotus Domino and SAP EP.

The files are as follows:-

a)ds_ticket.dll–Implementation of the Ticket Verifier for Lotus Domino version 1.4

This can be download from EP –

Keystore Administration)


2.After downloading the verify.pse,put the file in the LotusNotes System in

d:\LOTUS\DOMINO\DATA\SAP\ location and update the same location in notes.ini file


You can check notes.ini variables by typing the “SHOW CONFIGURATION” command in the server console, for example, show configuration MySapPsePath

3.Restart the Lotus Domino server for the settings to take effect.

4.Creation of a Lotus System in the EP-

First create a ‘Test folder’ and in the folder,

Create a system, proceed as follows:

Select System Administration-> System Configuration -> System Landscape->Portal Content

And right click on the folder and and select New->System(from PAR)


5.Select the required System from the System wizard



6.Select ‘Lotus_Server’ type of System


7.Give the System Name,System ID,description and click on Next to Finish the System


8.Now right click on the System created under the ‘Test folder’ open->Object


9.Give the MailServer,System Identifier details


10.Now goto Display->System Aliases to create a System Aliases for the created System


11.Give the Alias Name and click on ‘Add’ to add the alias system and save


12.Check the Permissions is there or not and accordingly give the permissions

13.Now goto Property Category->UserManagement to assign the ‘Logon Method’


14.The Lotus System is Created………

15.Now create the “MailTransport”,for sending the mails from EP to Lotus Notes

goto System Administration->System Configuration- >Collabration and change the Mode to Advanced Mode to get the Advanced options

16.Goto System Administration->System Configuration- >Collabration->Transports


17.Select the ‘Mail Tranport’ (Transport for sending e-mails using the Java Mail Library)


18.Click on the ‘New’ button for creating the New MailTransport and mention the

SMTP server – IP Address or Hostname of the Lotus System, Sent messages folder – ‘Sent’ is for Lotus Systems,

System alias name will be the Lotus System which you had created in the step-14


Note:-You can only have only one Mail Transport at any point of time

19.So,the creation of Mail Transport and Lotus System is completed and we need to check whether mails are going from EP to Lotus System or not

20. Goto the “Collaboration Pad” for sending the mails

(Collaboration pad should be active,then only you can able to find on the screen)


21.Context menu on the ‘Collaboration’->Send E-mail


22.Mention the Sender ID and if required give the priority and click on the “Send E-mail”


23.The mail has successfullt sent to Lotus System,it will give the errors,if any of the above settings are wrong.

24.Now cross verify on the Lotus System side,whether the mail is reached or not


25.Mail is successfully delivered in the Lotus Sytem……..



Important Note:-No need of maintaining the User Mapping credentials at the Personalize and also

“SendMailService must be Active in order to send emails”


This is how we will integrate the Lotus System into the Enterprise Portal for sending the mails from EP to LotusNotes…………………………………

Stay Tuned for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hi George,
                Thanks for the comments,
      if you send mail from Lotus Notes ,it will goto Lotus Notes itself…..
      And wait for the next blog which is related to viewing LotusNotes mails in EP itself


      • Hi Venkat,

        Great blog,

        Just to complete your information : in my case (EP 6.0 – J2EE 6.40) I’ve found the ds_ticket.dll to copy on the Lotus server, in the following path :

        \usr\sap\SID\JC00\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\portalapps\\WEB-INF\external\lotus\MySapSSO_R5 or R6 (depending of the Lotus version).

        Best regards,


  • Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for the great blog,but have a small doubt.

    In our setup(EP 6.0 SPS 19) which is integrated with lotus notes,we are unable to send mails outside the company domain(eg: any idea where this setting can be changed.

    Thanks in advance

  • This really very nice resource,its step by step screen shot explaination gives exact idea how to proceed.I am gonna try this out on my portal now.Great work!!
  • Hi Venkat,
    It is really very good one. can i use the same scenario to implement SSO for Lotus sametime.
    actually i want to implement SSO between Lotus sametime and Netweaver EP.
    can you please tell guide me what are the pre-requisites and steps to implement.

    please suggest,

    Thanks in advance