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AJAX + xMII Illuminator Services = A Database Browser !

I had blogged about [xMII Illuminator Services | xMII Illuminator Services : A Primer…] and how can one start utilizing them.
This is a followup to that post and it shows how easy it is to create a simple Database Browser (it’s the favourite of all examples, isn’t it ? How could i resist ? 🙂 ) using AJAX (which stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML) and [xMII Illuminator Services. | xMII Illuminator Services : A Primer…]

First lets walk through the application.

1. The Initial Screen looks somewhat like  :


2. On clicking on Get Data from xMII, the Server List fills up.


3. Selecting a Server from the list displays the Tables from the SQL server in the Table List.


4. Select the Columns you want to Query on and click on Display Data.


5. The data from the selected Table is displayed in an IFrame :


Now the Big Question : How did we do it ?

We used the basic Illuminator service itself with the parameters it supports to acheive this.

A Ready Reference is given below :

             Tag       GroupList
             SQL       TableList
             Xacute    Query
             Alarm     []
             OLAP      CubeList

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