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xMII Illuminator Services : A Primer…

xMII Illuminator services are the real power behind xMII. They are the power that drive the Query Templates and the Display Templates. Query Templates and Display Templates are just a list of parameters. All these parameters can directly be passed to these services and we need not use any Templates at all ! For e.g. to get a table list from a Northwind Server use : http://:/Lighthammer/Illuminator?server=Northwind&mode=TableList The Help Document describes these services as “a set of functions provided in the system that allows users to perform tasks. When you assign a role to a service, that role has permission to access the service. It is important to note that many administrative services require the Admin service AND the individual editor service.”. This blog aims to give you a primer as to how to use these various xMII services. A basic list of these services can be found under Security Services -> System Security. image Clicking on the Available Service gives a list : image Refer to http://:/LighthammerCMS/Help/Security/Service_Access.htm to know specifics about each and every service listed here. The best way to go about learning about each of these services and the modes they support is to query them using the mode=ModeList parameter which will give you a list of all the modes they support. Remember that though most of the services support mode=ModeList , not all of them support them ! Calling the Admin Service thus using the URL http://:/Lighthammer/Illuminator?service=admin&mode=ModeList, yields the following output : image We’ll now use the SessionList mode to query the service and receive the User Sessions on this server thus : http://:/Lighthammer/Illuminator?service=admin&mode=SessionList And the Output : imageimage I plan to write a followup Blog to demonstrate how these services for building a complete application. Till then comments and feedback are extremely welcome….
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