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Migrating LocalDCs onto JDI/NWDI Track

Migration of Local J2EE/Java DCs to JDI

Welcome to my first web log on SDN. Recently I was trying to Migrate LocalDevelopment DCs of Java and J2EE onto JDI. During SDN search, I found out that many users have problems in dealing this issue. After a little while, I found the solution on how to migrate the LocalDev DCs of Java, J2EE onto JDI successfully. I am not sure this is the standard way of doing, but worked out for me.

In this present illustration, we have a Custom Login Module for Portal. It has 6 DCs of Java and J2EE. We will see how to migrate these Development Components onto the JDI/NWDI Track, so that Developers from anywhere can import. Follow the below procedure to create the same DCs in JDI Track.

1.     If you have the DCs in a zip file, unzip to a folder and store it manually in the directory D:/Documents and Settings\.



2.     With this action, we can see local DCs in My Components of Local DCs View as shown.


3.     Next step, is to identify what is the type of each DC like Java, Dictionary, J2EE Application.

We need to create DC in the JDI track for each DC in LocalDevelopment. This DC should be dummy ( no contents).

To know what type of DCs we have, open the .dcdef file in notepad, and find out.

4.     First, create the DCs that are depended by the main DC. You can find out this by looking at USED DCs. Open the Java Perspective, Java DC Explorer view, in used DCs, we can see what are the DCs used by the main DC. Other than Logndict and TableAccess, remaining are added from Plugins.


5. Create the DC of Dictionary Type (LongDict) in the JDI Track from Inactive DCs view. Create a new activity.

5.1 From same Java perspective, expand the logndict DC in Local Development and expand the newly created DC from Track.


5.2     Select everything under src/packages from the Logndict Localdevelopment DC and paste it at Logndict NW1_DSKTSP17_D in src/packages folder.


6.     Copy the .pp file from LocalDevelopment DC/def and paste it  JDI Track DC/def.


7.     Repeat the above steps from 5 to 8 for all the DCs that are exist in the LocalDevelopment or whatever you want to migrate to the JDI Track.

If the LocalDevelopment DC has used DCs, follow this procedure.

7.1.     Find information about the used DCs from  Edit Used DC of Context Menu. Note down the dependency type.


8.2 Add the all the Used DCs in the New DC. Expand DC MetaData „³ DC Definition „³ Used DCs „³ (right click) from context menu „³ Add Used DC.

A pop-up wizard appears. From the Inactive tab „³ Expand the Dev Config „³ Expand sap.com_SAP-JEE, select the DC.


To Add Used DCs in the JDI Track (for dependent DCs), navigate to the Inactive tab.

In summary, we have to copy exactly the .jar, .pp and Used DCs from Local DCs to DCs on JDI Track.



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  • What are the SC dependencies you have for the Login Module Track in NWDI?  Do you have any besides: (SAP-JEE, SAP_BUILDT, SAP_JTECHS) ?

    Also when I create a J2EE Library for my custom Login Module, the provider.xml is not created.  How do I get the provider.xml in my Library project DC to get created?