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Widgets and Mobile Applications for Laptop – Follow-up

Sometime ago, I had written a Widgets and Mobile Applications for Laptop. I was looking for ideas about widgets which work along with the Mobile Applications and aids better usability of the application. Thanks to Frank for posting his suggestion there. His suggestion would help make recording time confirmations easier in Mobile Infrastructure based application.

I have a simple idea. In the case of Mobile Applications for Laptop, the Sales or Service representatives have to connect to the CRM Server once in a while to synchronise data. Now the data which is waiting to come down to the Mobile Client depends on the Subscriptions for the site as well as the amount of data changed in CRM Server. It is always better to know the amount of data waiting before starting the synchronization process so that the Sales or Service representative can choose to synchronise later if he / she is busy and if the amount of data is huge. A small widget could show the number of entries in the queue and help the representative.

I also read about some more widgets in SAP Info. The article showcases some widgets which will improve the usability of a PDA application.

In summary, I see a lot of scope for the use of widgets along with Mobile applications running in PDAs or laptops or any other mobile device.

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  • Santosh,

    I like your idea of CRM Mobile widgets.  We’re looking for an alternative to the mobile client for simple tasks (create / update activity and create / update contact) for our sales representatives.  Is this something that you’re looking to prototype?  Offline functionality would also be nice (similar to the BI widget) where the latest results are stored on the laptop.  Any thoughts?