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I want data in my laptop database!!!

The scenario is as follows – you find some data missing from a Mobile client database table, say CDBD_PROC_TYPE. The steps to be followed are –

1. If you do not know the Site name, go to table SMOHSITEID in ides and the column “SITE_NAME” will give the site name.

2. Find the Subscription for the table by going to transaction SMOEAC in CRM Server and select Object Type as “Subscription”. Click on Filter button and enter the CDB Table name, for example enter “CDBC_PROC_TYPE”.

3. Check whether the Subscription is assigned to the Site. If it is not assigned, assign the Subscription to the Site.

4. If the Subscription is assigned, check the contents of the CDB table using transaction SE16. If it has relevent data, do an extract of the Subscription for the Site using transaction SMOEACEX.

5. If it does not have the desired data and you find that the data is maintained in CRM Server, either an Initial Load (using transaction R3AS) or Synchronize Load (using transaction R3AS4) has to be done.

6. To find the Object to do a Load, open table SMOFMAPTAB (using transaction SE16). Enter the following filter criteria – SFATABNAME should be CDB Table Name. You will get one row and the column OBJNAME will be the object name. If you do not get any rows, you can get the Replication Object for the CDB Table (using Transaction Name – SMOEAC and using the CDB table name as filter) and most probably (but not always), the name of the Object will be same as the name of the Replication Object.

7. Once the load is done, check the CDB tables and runn Conntrans in the client machine.

For the table CDBC_PROC_TYPE, the following are the details –
Subscription – Business Transaction Customizing
Replication Object – CRM_DNL_PROC

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