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Recently we implemented SP19 for my client and one of the exciting features of SP19 is message editing (Enhanced Message Monitoring). Anyone who has required authorization can edit payload and header data of message.  Intention of this weblog is not to discuss technical know-how of SP19 Enhanced Message Monitoring but the impact of this feature on service provider and customer.  For information on this feature you can visit following links on SAP Help:

In most of the cases as a service provider our liability is limited to solve incidents and assist business to leverage SAP XI capability to do business with partners (internal and external) but this particular features create some points which may have legal impacts which needs to be address accordingly.  This feature is great in sense that you can solve incident which occurred because of incorrect payload/header information (invalid character, information etc) but it also creates some risks for service provider particularly with legal aspects.  Following is negative impact which I can relate to this feature:

  • Who is responsible if data is modified illegally and how we can track it? (May be it is good idea to change bank account information to your account 😉
  • Customer can ask us to modify payload now and then, which maybe not advisable as data integrity issue with source and target system (receiver system data is not reconciled with target system).

At present, if something is wrong with message data, I advise users to send the message again, but with SP19 we can solve such incidents ourselves but as a service provider it is our responsibility to inform user consequences of this feature.  Personally I am against this feature because of legal consequences and data integrity issue. My intention behind this weblog is to invite views of experts and business user what they think about this feature.

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    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Bhavesh,

      you are right and we should cover such issues in contract with customer.

      In my opinion we can use this feature for editing Header information and parameters only.

      Payload editing BIG NO…

      Gourav Khare

      1. HI Gourav/Bhavesh,

        You will be surprised to know that most of the customer base had editing of the message as their top enhancement request.

        A common example would be where the message is time sensitive and hence the sender party cannot resend the message again. This is by far the most common pattern.

        All most all the middleware’s support this feature. It is up to the enforces to ensure it is not misused.

        Usually there is an exclusive account that needs to be checked out for being to edit the message. this leaves an audit trail for future references.


        1. Former Member Post author

          Question is who is responsible to edit message payload? certainly not a technical person, if owner of that message want to edit something in payload he should do it by him-self or should follow defined process if he wants technical person to do it.

          I can’t think of scenario where message can’t be resend again because of time constraint even if that is the case then such incidents are isolated and it should not become common practice for customer to ask service provider to edit message payload.

          Separate account idea is good but what if everyone knows password then who will be accountable.



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