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External Voices

There are so many interesting weblogs and webloggers out there we realized there was no way we could pull them all into the community to blog directly here, so we’ve done the next best thing, we’ve given them the ability to blog and “send” something to you! That’s right we’ve just implemented our External Voices program where if you already have a blog out there and you talk SAP or related then you can add yourself to the list and also contact me if you’d like to have your blog included in the External Voices RSS feeds which are now available.

  • English Speaking Blogs
  • Spanish Speaking Blogs

We will do our best to ensure only good quality and relevant blogs are added to the External Voices but we will allow any blog to be listed that talks SAP (except SPLOGS and SPAMMERS and those participating in illegal activities around copyright material). Have a blog – we’d love to see it, list it and share it! Those in the External Voices need only include the Technorati Tag “SAP Blogger”, “SDN Blogger”, or “BPX Blogger”.

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  • I think this is a very positive move, and it is in line with the interim results of the community poll, that apparently point the fact that a part of the community would like to see also a more diverse content.

    Again – thanks for the great job you are doing.

    • That’s really great! I already subscribe to both feeds -:) I got almost all of the separately…But who cares -;) I’m happy to support the SDN -:D



  • SAP was looked at Before SDN (BS) as a “walled garden.”  SAP created SDN to try and tear down some of those walls, but SDN ended up begin a walled garden itself, walled off from the rest of the blogosphere.  It’s nice to see it finally integrating.


    • Some of the first steps was implementing Feedburner to push all of your blogs out to the world and pull readers in, this as you pointed out was another step (in the right direction)

      Already has 11 subscribers and 2 for Spanish and the list of bloggers has already grown.