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Step by Step How to Change

I do not know whether you like or not but i like starting development activities on the enterprise portal with changing the title coming default like SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0.In this blog we will cover step by step how to change the title of the portal. Below you can find all the needed steps with screenshots.

1) First thing you need to do is logon to your portal with your user. Your user should have a super_admin role. If not you will not be able to implement following steps.

2) After logging to your portal you should go to the System Administration tab.

3) Under System Administration tab you need go to the System Configuration tab.

4) After clicking on the System Configuration tab, at the left side in below you will see the Detailed Navigation and under Detailed Navigation you should go to the Service Configuration.

5) After clicking on it, at the right side you will get the screen in below. You should double click on Central Configuration.

6) In the coming screen you should change the portal.html.head.title part. There you can write what you want to have in the title of your portal and then please do no forget to save the changes you made.

7) Now you need to restart the j2ee server to be able to see the changes on the portal but if you are a beginner you may not know how to restart thej2ee server. Below you can find how to restart the j2ee server.

8) To be able to restart the j2ee server through browser you should logon to SAP NetWeaver Administrator withj2ee_admin using http://:port/nwa link.

9) After logging to SAP NetWeaver Administrator you should go to the System Management tab under it you should click the Administration tab.

10) In the coming screen you will see the SAP Systems and there you need click on the system you have then you should click on your instance.

11) And now you can see to see theJ2EE Processes tab. Please select your server and click the restart button.

Finally we completed all the steps and after restart we will be able to see the new title of the portal. Regarding to changing title you may also look at the OSS note 757210.

I hope this has been informative for you. Hope to see you at the new blogs.

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  1. Anton Wenzelhuemer
    entering ‘portal.html.head.title’ in the little search box to the left yields 15 hits, each of them describing how to change this attribute.

    now it’ll be 16.

    but your’s is definitely the most detailed description of the subject. So far …


    (has someone ever counted the number of parameters in SAP? multiplied it by 16?)

    1. Rasim MANAVOGLU Post author

      I know that there are many  written things about this topic but I wanted to provide a step by step clear guide with screenshots.For example when you say to someone new to the portal  at the forum or somewhere restart j2ee server they may not how to do so they should search again.


    1. Rasim MANAVOGLU Post author

      I forgot to mention making the changes in run time.It is better  to make it in non working hours or if it is really necessary to make it in working hours, users can be informed about restart then can be changed.this will not take a lot time usually 5 min later system will be back.

      Thanks& Regards,

  2. Hi,

    maybe you should add a few words about applying support packages to the portal and the fact that after applying a support package the title is set back to default. At least it has been that way in the past, don’t know if that changed with EP7.


  3. L M
    Hi Rasim

    your blog is really great stuff…for beginers in Portal customisation. I searched excatly for this title change and got a direct hit to your blog….saved me lot of time …..

    Keep it up




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