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A month ago, I launched the Pimp up the S(D)N site Pimp up the jam. Using the Stylish add on for Firefox the S(D)N community could change the looks of their beloved site and earn points if they send in their creativity. This is the list of the submission in order of receipt. All screens are clickable for viewing better details.


Title: Simperlify

Description: I didn’t change much of the layout of sdn, because I quite like it. I have just tried to make more room available in the more interactive parts of the site.
On the Forums, wiki, blogs, downloads, elearning en events, the big menu on the left is hidden.In the parts of the site where the menu remains, I changed the color to be a little less distracting.
On the whole site, I made the header and logo smaller, providing more room for content and put all items on one line.
Another tweak I added is to disable the annoying resizing iframes that only get readable when all content is loaded. Now, as soon as your browser has content, you can see it.
I think the essence of the sdn-style remains, but the userfriendlyness for the ‘power-user’ is increased, without altering the main areas of the site.

image  image  image  image



Title: The Darker Side of SDN

Description: I have a little fascination for Black ! And Being a Pink Floyd fan who’s staple diet contains of listening to “The Dark Side of the Moon”
many times over a day, I thought of coming up with a theme called “The Darker Side of SDN”

image  image  image  image



Title: Quattro stagioni

Description: Inspired by a weather forecaster with colour changing base depending on weather information, I wanted to make a theme / weather condition or time of the day. Since Stylish doesn’t allow any scripting, I moved to four themes depending on the season of the year. This results in themes with a background image in the menu, an SN logo and text colouring, all typical for that time of the year. I’ve also changed the about screen of Firefox and put the SN logo as background.

image image  image image
image image  image image



Title: The unbreakable SDN Community

Description: Last year I was on the Microsoft Roadshow for Windows Vista, Exchange and Office 2007. The Microsoft consultant are joking about the unbreakable Linux, maybe you have heard about it from Oracle. I thought by the competition between SAP and Oracle and the Microsoft jokes about Oracle, that I also can do this. The result was my oracle-pink (pimp) style. ;)The style should also point out that the SDN is an unbreakable community.

image  image  image  image



Title: Carbon Chrome

Description: The chrome symbolizes intellect, which helps me in solving the problems put forth on the great SDN website. Carbon – the source of all organic compounds is the essence of life… like SDN is indispensable for every SAP Developer…

image  image  image  image



Now it’s all up to you to decide which entry you like the best. You might have noticed that no authors are mentioned in order that you can vote on the creativity instead of the submitters. The poll uses the free version of Sparklit, with may result in (some) commercial banners. My appologies for that. Votes are open until March 15th.

Update: We’re half way the voting period. It’s now time to vote for your favourite. If you’ve done this already (and you’re not happy with the current results), please promote this competition and let other people vote too.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Eddy,

    I see very good themes. Great work of the community. I hope SAP seize these suggestions for the next SDN themes or make them available via the profile.

    I abstain from voting, because I had created one of these themes, but I think, that the creater of quattro stagioni has tried hard for this great themes.

    Best Regards,


    1. Eddy De Clercq Post author
      Why shouldn’t you vote (for yourself)? Everybody is allowed to vote and promote the contest. More votes will give a more representative result.
  2. Former Member
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