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Collisions – Part 4

I had mentioned in my Collisions – Part 2 that it is not possible to resolve Imported Deleted Notification Collisions. But it is possible to resolve such collisions in 5.0 using Mobile Application Studio .Net.

The Collision Explorer is used to resolve Imported Deleted Notification Collisions. We have the option to “Accept all Deletions” which will ensure that all deletions done by SAP are done in the repository. If you do not want to accept the deletion done by SAP for a particular development object, you can transfer the ownership of the object from SAP to the local repository. Then the customer-specific development done for the development object can be retained.

This was brought to my notice by one of my colleagues who had done this resolution before and who happened to read my blog on collision resolution. He immediately called me up and said that this can be done. I guess this is what SDN is all about – sharing information with others so that we also learn in the process.

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