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Playing with SAP Business Document Service

SAP Business Document Service (BDS) is an easy-to-integrate document management component in the R/3 Basis System. The global class CL_BDS_DOCUMENT_SET contains the most important methods for easy document handling, such as Create, Display, Change, and Delete, and for creating different content, language, and format versions. BDS doesn’t require customization and can be used out of the box with default settings. However, if you have additional requirements such as special document attributes, a transport connection, or the use of external storage systems, you can customize BDS and its infrastructure, the SAP Knowledge Provider, to accommodate them.

Business Document Navigator is a universal document navigation tool used within business knowledge management frameworks, including BDS and the SAP ArchiveLink framework, to find, display, and process documents. BDN requires no customization and features the Enjoy SAP interface. SAP ArchiveLink is a specialized document management functionality that provides an API to an external content server and is optimized to handle large amounts of documents such as incoming invoices, print lists, and outgoing purchase orders.

In this blog I would like to demonstrate a small example that can be used to upload documents into the BDS and display the documents using the Business Document Navigator.

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