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Community Blogosphere, where we are…

Since the Problems abound in the Community Blogosphere, and the Community Blogosphere – the future going forward we’ve not forgotten or hoped this would just fade away so here is where we stand and what we are honestly considering – remember your feedback makes things work here.  We try hard here on SDN and BPX to give as much freedom as possible to the community to expand and explore and we hate, me especially to play the heavy hand. In fact anyone that knows any of us on the Community and Collaboration team knows we all hate to be the bad guy and we hate to be the one to come into something officially and say “no”, OK we don’t mind nailing people who plagiarize or cheat but that’s a different topic.  So since that post we’ve had many a conversation with community members inside and outside of SAP from all areas of SDN and BPX we’ve read many a mail and had many a chat, and we’ve paid close attention to the Community Blogosphere – the future going forward. Yesterday I sent the first half of our “recommendation” based on feedback around to our internal team.  There were 4 main questions I asked everyone I talked to – now I am asking the rest of you – I decided to make it easy on my inbox and I made them over on Zoho Polls, very simple questions and I asked everyone to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being highly AGREE) Take Survey So please do your part, it’s anonymous and take the survey so we have a better idea of what it is you expect here in terms of “What is blogging”. There is no wrong answer, but we will go with the majority as we always do.  We’ve gone out of our way quite a bit to try and sort through all of these expectations but we don’t seem to be gaining any ground. Some feel it’s personal against them, for that I can only say “we’re sorry it’s not personal”, some feel that allowing just anybody to blog is just not right that they should first pass some sort of a test for that we say “everyone on SDN and BPX has the right to apply, if they get accepted it’s because something they wrote about their plans for blogging sounded interesting” – some like our very own Mark want to hear about everyone ideas and I do as well (some may not believe it) we as a team want to accommodate everyone!  Mark and I often get into pretty in depth conversations about making changes (I mean not just a forum name here) – Mario even has a big one up his sleeve he told us about yesterday so keep your eyes open! The point here though is that we as a team push for change and we push to enable all of you – most of the time though that requires your input so please let’s get this one out of the way and get back to blogging! Take the Survey!   Your comments here, the thread or on the Survey itself are hoped for and wished for it’s how we operate we take your feedback then fight to get all of you what you want! Take the “About SCN” for example, it was a definite NO for a long time and it wasn’t until recently that with the pushing of one of our team did it finally go live (I broke all the rules and policies about forum changes and additions while doing it to) it’s already gotten 16 topics with 206 responses and over 1,400 views since it went live – nice traction but it could be more – call it your chance to “preach” to everyone if you want (although secretly I hope the community will accept that for the blogs and we can move it back here).  I even tossed in the idea (thanks to Dan on Twitter of using something like Jyte for all the blogs – I wasn’t laughed at or told to stuff it so it’s in there now and we’ll continue to discuss then come back to everyone here and let you know what we talked about (normally we do this in a Podcast but since Mark Finally Best-of 2006 and Good Bye for Now I don’t have anyone to gab with – unless Marilyn would stop being so awesome and really taking BPX to the people – she’s on fire any idea how many conferences and events she’s been at and really making sure people know that here is where they need to be? Unbelievable!  Anyone want to take part in the next Community Podcast? Topic will be blogging and the Wiki. Those of you outside of GMT +1 please don’t take it personally if you want to be involved and I tell you a strange hour – I gotta sleep some time as well.  Speaking of the Wiki – has anyone seen what’s happening inside the “Community Space” seems someone, Ignacio has taken the right step to embrace his power of change – the Wiki is there USE IT!   Remember we are all available, if you want to chat, complain, suggest, or just toss an idea around you are welcome – for me it’s easy to get in touch you can even schedule a meeting with me if you like. Our jobs as Community Evangelists are first and foremost to you the community our goal is to ensure you have the right environment to connect, collaborate and contribution. SDN and BPX are environments to work together, to share knowledge to help each other and of course to have fun. Ed and Dan showed that together with Rich and the others during TechEd – SAPLink just rocked! Amsterdam was a blast and Bangalore was just on fire!  For some you see SDN and BPX as something else as well, David is one of those – David wants to make a difference and see changes happen. David we are listening and we are tying to give you the platform. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] is another who wanted to take XI to a new level (his XI FAQ is closing on the 100,000 views mark already. The specified item was not found. wanted to take of the gauntlet for being a Community Podcaster and succeeded and has more plans in the works! Dan and Edward Herrmann of course with SAPLink have already started to change the ABAP world – go to a training and look for SAPLink 😉  This week along I received over 50 calls/chats about ideas and innovations and how they could use SDN to bring more attention to a thought or a plain “gut” feeling…  We want to encourage that and we want to do what we can to ensure that the right people hear you but things take time and with such a large and diverse community it can seem almost as though we are against you but quite the contrary if we tell your idea no it doesn’t actually mean no it just means not right away. Who knows maybe we will even open an entire Wiki Space called “Blogosphere” and let EVERYONE blog and just move the really good bloggers over to this area and call them our “Expert Bloggers”…  Point being is give us time and work with us, I think I can safely say that so far the community team hasn’t let you down yet and we will do everything in our power to continue that way!  I’ve rambled enough here late on a Friday evening it’s time to say “Feierabend!” and go offline. (Hope that all made sense – it’s been a long week!)
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  • Hi Craig:

    I like this blog, because it’s exposing again a theme that I believe forgotten…Also, with the poll, you can take better decisions based on the community feedback…That way no one can complaint -;)



  • Craig, thanks for puttting together this poll. I added this comment to the poll, but i believe it should be posted as a comment to the entire blog. I personally think that we are taking ourselves too much seriously in the SDN Blogsphere. Not every blog should be a technical breakthough (but if it is then it should be rewarded with points accordingly), sometimes it’s nice to read something funny,or maybe a non-biased analysis on a topic in the enterprise software domain or an easy to use quick “how to guide” on a technical topic. I believe it’s up to the reader to choose what to read, but let’s try to implement a more easy-going and tolerant approach towards what’s published in blogs…
    • Thanks for your feedback – it’s actually quite in “tune” with about half of the feedback we get the other half is the opposite of course…

      All comments posted to the Survey I will bring over here with the results of the survey.

    • For the simple fact that we are receiving complaints – when you get enough complaints in a targeted community around a specific topic (often times in any community) you are required to take action.

      In this case we feel the problem is “expectations” and therefore by giving everyone a chance to tell us what their “expectations” are we can finalize/update our guidelines and move on with the business at hand.

      At the end of this month we will finalize the guideline updates and publish at that point depending on what everyone has given for feedback that is the way it will be and at that point we certainly hope that most of the complaints will stop and we can focus on the great content and great information that people have to share.