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Code Gallery – over 60 entries and counting…

A few weeks back at the end of January, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] launched the Code Snippet Gallery in the Wiki. I was thinking as Marilyn just Business Process E(lf )xpert everyone of the fantastic things happening in the BPX Wiki area and Mark posting about the Finally Best-of 2006 and Good Bye for Now well it was high time (just weeks later) to let everyone know how things are going with the Code Gallery. image First did you catch the name change? Well I’ll tell you why, when we get content like this we decided that “snippets” just didn’t get it anymore so now we have the Code Gallery! image With now over 60 entries (67 in the screen shot) people are really starting to take notice and add their content! People are commenting, and even “notifying the moderators” and giving praise! Those that are praised  and receive good feedback from the community get more points (pretty easy huh?) and those that are questions are either corrected by the community or they are simply removed along with any points!  It’s your place and the perfect one for tutorials and for snippets! Now Gali announced this on the 25th of January so only about a month has passed (what 29 days) so we are averaging what about 2 a day including weekends? So what are you waiting for? Remember to follow the instructions so everyone is able to read and search for what you add in!  Speaking of searching, image Well it doesn’t get much clearer does it?   
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  • Hi Craig –

    The effort that has been spent on making the CSG a cool place to hang is obvious.  Congratulations to all on laying the groundwork for a great addition to SDN.

    Those of who work every day with the business-end of SAP are painfully aware of how much SAP and SDN need to do before there is a real “cookbook” of the right ways to go after SAP data from inside Enterprise SOA applications, when performance is critical.  (My standard example here is knowing how to prefetch bseg belnrs on profit centers via glpca or cost elements via coep/cobk.)

    So I would personally like to see the CSG divided into sections, one of which would be a “Fast Fetch” section.

    The purpose of this section would not be to present remarkable new code streams, since Fast Fetches do not depend on remarkable new code, but rather on knowledge of database organization.

    The purpose of the Fast Fetch section would be to help SDN bring out the combined “Fast Fetch” knowledge of its expert members to more of the community who aren’t aware of certain “Fast Fetch” techniques because they haven’t yet worked deeply in a given application area.

    Another section I would like to see in CSG is a “If you can’t cache it, hash it” section, where all contributions center on how to use hashed itabs to improve processing in remarkable ways.

    The basic idea here is not to try to structure or control member contributions to the CSG, but rather to draw attention to the fact that the performance demands of the Enterprise SOA world will require SAP developers to become more knowledegable about fast paths thru the database itself, and fast paths for processing of data once retrieved from the back-end.

    • One of the hidden powers or at least for those not yet familiar with the Wiki world is “labels” or “tagging” and thus gives everyone the ability to “structure” how they will.

      You’ll never have a request implemented faster than this: “done!”

      Simply go to the “Code Gallery” homepage and in the top right corner click “Add Page” give your page a title, enter your text and code (highlight the code and format it as code) – or to make life even easier simply click “Add Page” give it a title and then “Select Page Template”

      Once you have everything typed in or copy and pasted in then just go to area with “labels” and enter the labels (first should be either snippet or tutorial followed by “abap” “fastfetch” “hash” or whatever you feel is the right “tags/labels” for what you just created then you save it.

      If you go to the “Code Gallery” homepage right now and in the top right enter a search term such as “widget” like my screen shot above or “abap” it will return the results for the “Code Gallery” for that term and if you choose for ever Wiki space on SDN. Or if you use the “Global” search on SDN itself you will find the enteries from the “Code Gallery” as well (right now they are found under the option for Wiki the option “Code Samples” has not yet been changed to point to the new “Code Gallery” as not everything has been fully migrated over.

      In the near future this gets even easier as once in the “Code Gallery” you will be able to simply click on the label from any page it will automatically show you every page with the same labels.

      So Have fun, look forward to seeing a lot of entries from you (and everyone else) there in the near future!