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  1. Former Member
    I have to agree that the SDN clubhouse was the place to be at TechEd. I heard someone mention the future possibility of offering a lower priced alternative admission to TechEd that would basically be a clubhouse only pass.  I think that is a great idea because it would allow some some people to go and participate without paying the high price tag.

    I also really enjoyed both SDN days from Vegas and Amsterdam, and yes, we had one heck of a time at Boom Chicago.  I remember when we got the bar tab and it unfolded half way across the room.  ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hats off to a great 2006 and an even better 2007 coming soon. 


    PS I am really really impressed that you spelled my last name correctly with the 2 r’s and 2 n’s; however, my full first name is Edward, not Edwin.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Don’t worry though, most just call me Ed or Eddie for short.

    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Edward,

      So sorry for spelling your name wrongly. I corrected it. I think it was a Freudian slip because I forgot to mention another Edwin and a true highlight of 2006: To meet and shake the hands of A.H.P. aka Edwin Harpino. From the other side of the world his home country Indonesia he collected over 20K points between TechEd ’05 to ’06. Very impressive: The Best of 2006

      All the best, Mark.

  2. Nigel James
    Great Summary. It is a little sad that there was less contributions to the best of thread. These are probably side effects of massive growth.

    This is such a great site and even the small down sides that you mention are just great areas to improve.

    I was about to mention the disparity between Google and Windows live search but even that seems to have improved lately.

    Keep on keeping it great.

  3. David Halitsky
    Hey Mark  –

    I hope that when you return, you can find a way to infuse SDN with more of your own personal and professional fascination with the future.

    Right now, unfortunately, discussion of the “future” at SDN often seems limited to discussion of the latest buzz-words and mass-market drivers.

    Maybe you can find some way to “open” SDN up so that its members can play a more significant role in shaping “the future”, rather than just responding to other folks’ preconceptions of what it’s going to be.

    Best wishes to you and yours – you will never regret what you’re doing with your family right now.



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