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Business Process E(lf )xpert

“These little wights have made us rich, and we ought to be thankful to them”

You know the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker?   The gist is that a poor shoemaker, who intends to make a pair of shoes after a night’s sleep, sets out the materials to make them, only to find that in the middle of the night someone has mysteriously created a perfect pair. As a result of the industrious help he receives, the shoemaker grows wealthy.

It seems that the BPX wiki area is the shoemaker’s workshop and Mario Herger (no elf but a BPX thought leader in his own right) is busily populating the BPX wiki with a wealth of contents for the edification and delight of our business process experts.

There you will find: definitions, modeling tools descriptions and skills recommendations, and an emergent body of work which you are hereby invited to expand, extend, and review.

Trigger to BPX wiki collaboration

Have ideas around how you sequence your process model? Illustrate.

Work with measuring performance? We are interested in your metrics.

Have other examples of improvement tools? There is a whole community to enjoy hearing about them.

Use methods to identify improvement opportunities? Contribute them.

Using a combination of ARIS and Solution Manager?  Describe the know-how.

Does your organization embrace the concept of change easily? Share your experiences.

Is Operational Effectiveness a strategic component of the success of your company? Tell us how it is structured.

Does your organization have an evolved Business Process Improvement Organizational structure; a process Center of Excellence,  and if so what BP roles have emerged or are emerging and from what organizations do they evolve?

How do you determine which processes can benefit from a business process outsourcing relationship?

Are your process improvement projects led by the IT department or are they business driven?

What are some of your most common candidates for process improvement projects?

So thanks, Mario for seeding this new knowledge center…and community, see this as an opportunity to grow the wealth.

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