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‘Less Traveled..’ Functionalities SD Module-II Set-up for Cross-Selling

Set-up for Cross Selling in R/3 The R/3 Sales and Distribution (SD) module provides a comprehensive cross-selling functionality that can help any business boost its sales. The set-up to be done for Cross-selling can be categorized in three categories as follows: A) Set-up for Sales document and the item category B) Set-up for the Cross-selling procedure C) Set-up Master Data for Cross-Selling Set-up the Sales document and the item category: The main steps to be followed in this stage are as follows: A.1 Create a Sales order type [Optional Step, standard order can also be used]. Transaction code: VOV8 Example : ZMCS A.2 Assign the sales order to the Sales Area where the materials are to be sold. Transaction code: VOV8 Example : ZMCS A.3 Assign the item category determination. The system uses this setting to propose during document processing for each sales document type and item category group, the item category and the additional item categories with which the system default can be overwritten. Transaction code: IMG-SD-Sales-Sales document item Example : ZMCS/NORM/CSEL/MTAN/MTAN Determination procedure for cross selling The determination for the Cross-selling is done in almost the same way as is done for the output types or pricing. The following are the simple steps to be followed: B.1 Create an Access Sequence An Access sequence is used by the system as a search strategy to find valid data for a particular condition type. [Example: M001]. The access defined is Sales Area/ Sold-to/ Material. Transaction Code: OV41 Example : M001 B.2 Condition type Condition Type needs to be created, which would be used in the Cross-selling procedure and would have the Access sequence linked for searching the condition records Transaction Code: OV42 Example : MS01 B.3 Procedure Definition Procedure needs to be defined for accessing the condition type for the Cross-selling. Transaction Code: OV43 Example : MS0001 B.4 Customer and Document Procedure Customer and document procedure for Cross-Selling needs to be set-up. It determines which Cross-selling procedure is determined automatically when a particular sales document/customer is used.Next, the document procedure needs to be assigned to the sales document type. B.5 Next, the cross-selling profile needs to defined, it is for controlling and displaying cross- selling materials in the sales order Path: IMG-SD-Basic Functions-Cross Selling Define and assign Cross Selling profile. Example : MZSC1 Here the Cross-selling Procedure [step-3] and the main pricing procedure is attached. Care should be taken as not to define the Product proposal here. B.6 Profile Assignment In the end, the Cross-Selling profile [step-5] is to be attached to the Sales Area. Path: IMG-SD-Basic Functions-Cross Selling Assign the Cross Selling profile Master Data for Cross-Selling As part of the final set-up, master data needs to be created/set-up. For this the following steps needs to be performed: C.1 Customer Master Data The customer for which the Cross-Selling needs to be activated/updated with the customer procedure for Cross-Selling [step-4] The field, ‘PP cust Proc’ needs to be updated in the Sales tab of the sold-to party [VD02]. C.2 Condition records Condition records for the material needs to be created for Cross-Selling Transaction : VB41/42. Say for material, SP011 in the sales area MZ10/H1/MC, three alternative materials are defined as SP010, SP012 and SP013. This completes the set-up for the Cross-Selling functionality and now the same can be used while creating sales orders via transaction VA01. Creating Sales Order To understand and use the functionality of Cross-Selling, the same needs to be checked/used in the sales order. After entering the header data for the sales order via transaction VA01, the screen for the sales order would be displayed with the button for Cross-Selling. This button is used for opening the dialog box for the materials to be proposed as Cross-selling materials. Next, enter the main material, SP011 for which alternative materials have been created in transaction VB41/42. Select the material and click the button for Cross-Selling. A dialog screen would be prompted for selecting the alternative materials, enter the Quantity for the materials which needs to be selected and click the button, ‘copy’ to copy the material to the sales order. The Material/s from the Cross-selling dialog box would be copied to main sales order and thus completing the process of entering the cross-selling material in the sales order depending on the material being entered. In continuation of the series, in my next blog would be discussing the common queries associated with Cross-Selling.
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  • Hi Gauravjit,

      Good guide about how to set-up cross selling, but in your previous blog you talked about up/down selling in R/3, but I didn’t found any way to set up up/down cross selling in R/3 4.6c.

    ¿Could you help me about this issue?.