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Approach to Successful SAP Project Delivery Every SAP project delivery is as critical as the business itself to which it caters. Every delivery interacts and has an effect on the project which is undertaken to meet a specific business requirement, impacting the business in one or the other form.  In my opinion a SAP project delivery’s success depends on meeting the following requirements:  a)     Guidelines laid for specific SAP solution. b)     Strong Project Management procedures. c)     Thorough requirement definitions. d)     A Contingency Plan  Following SAP methodology and a systematic Project management approach ensures the quality and productivity of the delivery which leads to meeting up of the requirements and client’s expectations thereby maintaining business continuity and stimulating the business growth. As the approach helps in sound mapping of the business requirement presenting a clear picture, following the methodology for the solution ensures its right technical implementation.  Though often skipped, but the most crucial step is the preparation of accurate and transparent business requirement specification and definition documents. As they state the goal and description of the system and act as a channel to communicate, the objectives of the task undertaken and the result expected from technical implementations to meet the requirements.  So requirement specification document act as the building block of the success of delivery, as internally within a project team it’ll help convey the expected result from the task undertaken and the efforts put in by presenting a clear picture of the requirements.
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      Thanks for the feedback

      Capturing the requirement right and the sound flow of the same down the heirarchy along with following the guidelines laid ,can say as the syntax and semantics in a process oriented manner achieved through sound Project management procedures leds to meeting up of the right requirement in correct manner .As there are different roles played by different team members, a synchronized and right contribution from each meets the requirement in easy and simple manner.

      I hope this would have answered your query ,If you require more on this subject so i would request you to be more clear on your requirement

      I’ll try share more on the subject in details through more blogs.


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