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SAP Web AS/HowTo – Customizing the design of System Logon page: new options of the NetWeaver ’04s

UPDATED: related video from Thomas Jung

An year ago it was funny to hack the System Logon Class in order to customize the Logon page of BSP applications based on NetWeaver 2004. As soon as I got access to a SAP NetWeaver 2004s system I had a look in order to verify if everything was still running. Not only everything was still running but what a surprise finding a new standard button in the transaction SICF. It is called “adjust Links and Images”. If you read my previous blog BSP/HowTo – Customizing the design of System Logon page in NetWeaver ’04 it should be easy for you to find it. So, many thanks to the developer in SAP that implemented so many customizable options in the standard. Have a look to what you can now obtain without any effort: image Can you see: – the favoicon (it is the small icon next to the IE TAB Title) – the company LOGO (repeated) – links to public pages that you could provide in order to support users for registration, lost password, and so on… – and what about the small face (bottom-right)? who is it?

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  • Hi sergio, thanks for posting this blog. It is often useful especially if you access without enterprise portal in your landscape. It is clear that the small bottom icon is your image !!!!
    • Alisa, I fixed the layout of the previous blog.
      I hope too SICF will be more flexible in the future…
      It would be nice to have an easy way to manage a TOPBAR, a MAIN PAGE and a FOOTER leaving the Login Form in a LEFT side column (like
  • Hi Sergio,

    good blog – your just describing the function I want to use – but what is the right format for the picture-url ?
    Can I use mimes, that lay below the path of my bsp-application ? When the logon-dialog arises, I´m not logged on, so where should I check-in my picture data to ?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Norbet,
        you are right, user is not yet logged on and only “PUBLIC” url can be accessed.
        I suggest to create a new BSP just for the mimes then in /nSICF you define a user/password for this BSP application (ANONYMOUS Access).
        That’s it,
      • Hi Sergio,<br/>thank you for the very fast answer.<br/>Your hint solved one of my problems – I´m just wondering, how to do an anonymous logon (I will look up in the doc).<br/>The other problem was, how to describe the path of the image.<br/>Here we found out, that the start of the mime-path is always the application itself, the url I have to specify for a picture is relativ to my application path in SICF e.g. “mimes/logon.bmp”.<br/><br/>Now my last problem is, how to transport the SICF-properties to my customer. In the SICF of my application, I have to define minimum a mandant. This attribute is overriden by the ?sap-client=<customer-client> statement in my application url.<br/>Now, if I have an own bsp-app for my mimes (or even a service “mimes” underneath my application path with an anonymous logon, I have to specify the SU01-Service-User (with Alias?), the password and client. The client at my customer system is different from the development system. <br/>So the automatic logon for the picture will run into the wrong client. Any ideas to that ?<br/>It´s a pity, that there is NO real public area without any logon duty (I guess because of security reasons).<br/><br/>Many regards<br/>Norbert

        • Hi Norbet,
          – anonymous logon => simple set the right user/password in SICF
          – the path of the image=> you can use absolute paths (e.g. “/sap/bc/bsp/sap/it05/poweredBSP.jpg ).
          – the transport => It’s a problem. SICF should be maintained in the target system (user/password specific)
          P.S. from now on I suggest to switch to the BSP forum…
  • Sergio,

    I had the possibility to customize a customer login page! Your procedure is absolutely simple and quick.
    As you already know, customer really likes the new logon screen 🙂

    Thanks a lot,