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Inventing Business Intelligence 2.0 in the Labs

LabsMost of us have heard of and understand what Web 2.0 is.  Then next big 2.0 buzz word of the future is BI 2.0 or Business Intelligence 2.0.  To be honest, it took me a while to figure out what Web 2.0 is, so I don  t fully expect to understand BI 2.0 for some time.  So in a nut shell this is my simplistic definition of BI 2.0.  BI 2.0 is the next generation of Business Intelligence enabling real-time, actionable information available everywhere, anytime.

Nice definition, maybe Wikipedia will quote me some day.  Whatever BI 2.0 ends up being, there is a very good chance it will be invented by the Labs team at Business Objects.  Last November Business Objects announced the formation of a new team dedicated to innovation and creation of next generation business intelligence solutions. 

The Business Objects Labs team is a group of engineers that have been removed from the core development groups to focus on solving customer solutions with emerging technologies.  This separation from the core group has allowed the team to focus on innovation and change the way in which people use business intelligence.

The Labs teams have developed a number of prototypes that they have provided to the public on .  I just finished reviewing all of the prototypes on the site.  I found an interesting discovery in most of the prototype they have developed.  The majority of the prototypes are based on web services integration.  In some cases the prototypes integrate BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2 web services and in other cases the prototype is integrating external web services like mapping services. 

This has really shown me the power of web services in rapid development.  It appears to me that SOA and web services have enabled the Lab team to quickly develop working prototypes that solve specific customer requirements.

Here  s a list of the prototypes currently provided by on  (As copied from the labs site)

Mobile Business Intelligence (MoBI)
MoBI is a J2ME application that allows end users to interact with BI content in real time, see metrics live, and drill into performance data precisely when needed.

BI Collaborator (Windows LiveTM Messenger integration)
Discuss the findings within your business intelligence content with a colleague instantly via Windows LiveTM Messenger.

Query as a Web Service
Query as a Web Service is a small desktop wizard that you that allows you to create web services for specific Business Objects queries. Using Business Objects   web services, you can share these queries with authorized users anywhere within any software application.

Graphics Masher
Add quick visuals to your BI content with this graphics component that has an easy-to-integrate URL API.

BI Desktop
Put the power of business intelligence directly on your desktop with simple, intuitive, and clickable widgets that connect to and present your corporate information.

Stay tuned to see which of these prototypes graduate to the next Business Objects release.

Here are some blogs I found on BI 2.0

Business Objects Press Release on the Labs

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