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In some cases, when releasing the WL, the task to be executed (mass retirement, mass transfer or mass substitution) is not completed and no errors are displayed indicating the cause of the problem. This makes it hard to identify the correction actions to be taken so to complete the task. A debugging is necessary to find out the root cause of this behavior.

A. Create a Work List

First it is necessary to create the WL by selecting the assets to be processed. The selection can be made using any standard report in the Asset Information System and placing the selected assets in the work list (function Create work list in the list display of the report).


B. Release the Work list (Transaction AR31).


When releasing a WL a background task is executed so apparently no debugging is possible. In order to be able to debug the procedure it is necessary to:

– Set a break point with transaction SE38 in program RAWORK01 (form arbvor_freigeben) and change parameter ld_debug :

If not ld_debug is initial –>Change ld_debug = X


– At this point procedure is executed and foreground examination is possible.

Here below are some of the points in the program that can be useful to check:

Call function AM_ASSET_RETIREMENT -> for mass retirement WL

Call function AM_ASSET_MASS_CHANGE -> for mass changes WL

Form TRANSFERPOST -> for mass intercompany transfers WL

Sometimes an error is not detected with the above procedure and incomprehensible the WL list finish with status completed when going trough the debugging process. However if executed in background the process is still not completed . This may occur in cases where a customer enhancement or exit affects the standard procedure.

In this last situation another way to debug the WL so to detect these errors is by using the following method:

  1. Create a work list as described before, open work list in AR31.
  2. Start the debugger with /h in the OK code + press enter.
  3. image
  4. Choose “Release Work list” from the menu
  5. The debugger will be opened.
    If “new debugger” is used:
    Go to the menu > settings > Display / Change Debugger Settings and check “TRFC: In background Task: Block Sending”
    In case of “classic debugger” :
    Press the button “Settings” and then mark check box “background task: do not process”.
    In both cases press F8 to continue .
  6. Open SM58 and list the RFC calls on your name. Select the entry
    SAP_WAPI_EXECUTE_WORKITEM and choose “Debug LUW” from the menu. image
    At this point process can be executed in foreground and errors analyzed.
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  1. Chaitanya Kovvuri

    The blog is good and helps to perform the debug, I think you can add that TRANSFERPOST belongs to program RAWFOB01.

    I am trying to perform Intercompany asset transfer, could you advise if we have any exits or options to pass additional information using worklists or otherwise to create an asset in the receiving company.


    1. Javier Reviriego Post author
      Hello Chaitanya

      Thanks for your comments.

      If you area in a release lower than 6.0 you can check if any of the AINT* or AFAR* enhancements can help you (trx SMOD). As you sure know you have also asset master data substitutions and validation that takes place when creating the asset.

      As soon as the “New depreciation calculation Engine” is used (as of release 6.0), the old user exits are not called.

      At this point you must now use “BADI’s”

      You can reach now the following path:
      SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Asset Accounting -> Depreciation –
              Valuation Methods -> Enhancements ->
              Program Enhancement for New Depreciation  Calculation ->
              Create Implementations for Add-In for Depreciation Calculation

      If you click on this, you will see that BADI to be used is:

      You can find some documentation regarding the BADI in transaction SE18 itself. That’s what you need to do to access it.

      Also, if you need it, you can influence the posting logics in asset accounting via BAdI implementation  > BADI_FIAA_DOCLINES.

      Hope this information helps you

  2. Mark Osgood
    Hi Javier,

    When we used to release worklist, status shows in-process, when I go to ST22, it was creating dump with CONVT_NO_NUMBER.
    When I run your method, It started working, I just followed your steps and it worked.

    According your steps, I have to analyze the error when worklist is run in foreground, right?

    Please explain how did it worked as I have explain my manager, so we can execute it in PROD.

    Thank You,


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