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SDM unveiled

Have you faced these problems anytime?

1) SDM is stopped in the Windows management console but when

   you execute the remote.gui the SDM GUI starts. You  are  puzzled!!!

2) In the logs you find that SDM cannot deploy in integrated mode ?? and now you wonder DO SDM also operates in modes???

3) SDM Out of Memory exception!!!How to solve it??

4) You forgot your SDM password! how to change it.

Lets Discuss about  solutions and also the reason behind it.

Solution 1:

    MMC i.e.Windows Management console starts up SDM ,dispatcher and server0 using the Java Control Framework. Java Control Framework consists of jcontrol and jlaunch. Let me put it in this way.

  JControl starts, stops, and monitors the processes of a Java instance (usually a dispatcher and several server processes). The program implements the SAP signal handling to stop the instance. JControl starts the JLaunch processes.

  JLaunch starts a Java program. It loads the JVM into its own address space and then represents the required cluster element. The program can receive notification from the JControl process via named pipes to stop the cluster element, and terminates, if the JControl stops running (fork emulation under Windows)

For further reference please access the below link.

Now the Major Question is how is this going to matter SDM.

   Let me explain, when SDM starts thru MMC it has to be in the Integrated mode. First let me talk about the modes so that  we get more clarity about the concepts.

   SDM during deploying the SDA’s and SCA’s during Installation or during patch, SDM changes its mode into standalone mode. You can see this mode details in the file


The main thing noted is that whenever SDM deploys it is in standalone mode, if you try to deploy it in integrated mode it will throw an error.

Solution 2:

I think the problem no 2 is been answered .. 🙂

Solution 3:

Some time while deploying some SCA’s SDM hangs or in the logs it says OutofMemory mainly in window 64 bit. It is mainly because the SDM memory is set to by default 128MB change it to 1048MB. This can be changed using the follwing command.


So you dont need to enter the old password. Saves life.

That’s all for the day, I hope this blog solve some of your problem. I will be coming up some of the blogs related to

1) JDK bug in sytem copy.

2) Discovering SLD.

3) How to interconnect CCMS,NWA and SLD.


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  • But do you know why SDM doesn’t work properly with the Sneak Preview version? Im getting “only administrator is allowed to do such operation” message when deploying an updated sda file.
    Sneak preview sdm password is “admin”.

    Hoping you can cover this as well.

  • You might get folowing error while upgrading the NW04 engine. “error while reading sdmrepository.sdc file. return code 16.” even if you start the mode in either standalone or integrated your SDM won’t start completely and shows the above error.\JC<InstID\SDM\program\config\  It may be posiible that it would got corrupted. compare with other backup file like sdmrepository_backup_**.sdc file under the same folder which sapinst created. take one of those and use as replacement then try to start the SDM.

    • I think message was not displayed correctly.
      here it is….
      Solution is to check for sdmrepository.sdc file under C:\usr\sap\NWR\JC00\SDM\program\config\
      sdc file might got corrupted or it’s size would have got reduced. even if you run sdm in standalone or integrated, you will get the same with the backup file that sapinst created everytime while upgarding the engine in the same folder and replace the latest with the current.then the problem is solved.