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Widgets for SAP Applications on Mobile

Apple iPhone is a new device which contains:

  • music player
  • camera
  • widgets (SAP Enterprise Widgets ?…)
  • Web browser
  • e-mail tools
  • phone

Click on the link to watch the iPhone Widgets demo.

And here are some of my favorite candidate widgets for the device. PC versions of all of these have been already talked about over the SDN :

1) Alerts : One Widget to bring them all…. – This widget would be used by a normal employee for monitoring all kinds of alerts from business workflows and various other sources.

2) SAP News Mashup Widget – This will always keep you aware of the latest updates in the SAP ecosystem.

3) How to configure and use the xMII Generic Widget – xMII stands for xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence ( I also learned this recently through SDN). This would definitely be of great value for the tough guys running big manufacturing plants.

4)Yahoo Widget for BI Data – This widget would be used by managers and will provide them valueable insight about their organization.

Special Thanks to V,Santosh for initiating through his blog the topic of Widgets and Mobile Applications for Laptop.

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    • … I don’t understand your response to this post at all. 

      Should we conclude that insubstantial posts are fine so long as some people find them “funny”?

      Or are you suggesting that this is a “substantial” post, e.g. more substantial than my AI/BI post (which is still, BTW, getting informative and interesting responses).  Or my EnjoyControls post (which again, recently received an interesting response long after its post date.)

      Perhaps you could clarify this matter further – maybe at the Coffee Corner ?

      And again, please note that this is NOT a point issue.  Since I don’t answer questions in the Forums and will only be posting at the Coffee Corner in the future, points are really of no concern to me one way or the other.


      • David, I think you’re right here. This blog is less substantial than anything else I’ve read here for a long long time, if not the most insubstantial post at all.
        Even if I think that the author is right and there will be a company doing exactly this within maybe two years it’s a dangerous topic from SAP’s point of view. Next I publish my Photo(shop edited picture) that shows my rabbit managing its fodder bowl with SAP – even if I don’t have a rabbit at all.
        {Wild speculation mode on} – I guess we can post about this topic at this year’s or next year’s SAPPHIRE. The picture of Shai holding up an iPhone is too nice to keep it unused.


        • Dirk and Dave – seems that neither of you have been following what is happening out there since the launch of the iPhone by Steve.

          The iPhone is bringing a whole new technology base to the mobile users (if it really goes as planned) and with that it brings a new level to the information worker. Granted this post does not say it all up front but for those involved in this space  this post says a ton and even more about SAP’s point of view. Sorry Dirk you might be out of the loop on this but Enterprise 2.0 is on the way and it’s coming down hard and heavy and either you keep up or you are out.

          The fact that SAP internals are already thinking about the potentials of what the new iPhone “may” represent says a lot about the fact that SAP plans to stay ahead of the market curve and not be one of those companies playing catch up because they “didn’t get it”, those of you dismissing this post so off handedly because you think insubstantial I would suggest you sit back and take a browse around the Blogosphere out there and see and hear what is happening around the iPhone already then rethink.

          Sure it’s just a picture done in photoshop but it’s a hinting of what’s to come and considering we heard it here first says even more about what’s happening around SAP. Is SAP working on something already – only those involved would be able to say but I’d be willing to bet money the topic is being discussed – there was a post awhile back asking (David it was yours right?) about a SAP “Labs” type environment and now that someone gives a peek of what “might” be in there you complain…

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    • Dries – don’t like Mobile or Widget blogs – don’t read them. Want to understand more of why this blog is of value? – See additional comments.
      • I think my response was as informative and valuable as the blog about a as of yet unexisting device which might or might not have the possibility of supporting third party widgets.
        • But I’m sorry, I probably just had an iphone overdose and wanted to vent.
          Don’t take this personal.
          • I just thought there is some potential in the topic (I may be wrong) and wanted to just throw this topic quickly over the SDN for technical discussion.

            I would be updating this blog regularly thus this will not remain unsubstantial further. I am also open to discussing other Mobile Devices taking care of community members suffering from iPhone overdose.

          • This blog started (or rekindled) some kind of craze in the sdn community, so for that alone it’s a good thing you posted it. 
            I’ll be even more happy when you can show us how your sap-widget runs on the iphone.
        • Widgets are small applicatons which retrieves important information from sources such as web page, RSS feeds, responses from web applications and web services etc.

          Since all these are based on open standards and SAP supports them all, it is very likely (still I am not 100% sure) that retriving information from SAP systems would be possible.

  • Shouldn’t there already be a SAP or at least SDN outpost in SL?

    Don’t all those Linden$$ and newly arising SL business processes need a rock solid ERP system support? And a SL community to discuss issues?

    Will eSOA be able to span across SL and our good old first life?

    Can we get a SL SAP widget on our SL iPhone allowing us to monitor the parallel business in our FLs?

    questions. questions.