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Widgets and Mobile Applications for Laptop

I searched for the meaning of Widget in and one of the meanings which popped up was “In graphical user interfaces, a combination of a graphic symbol and some program code to perform a specific function.” Widgets have become very popular in the SAP world today. This craze received a boost with the victory of Tarun Telang during the Demo Jam at SAP Teched 2006, Las Vegas. I was wondering whether Widgets can be used in our application – Introduction to Mobile Sales Application for Laptops. Is it possible for us to also join the party?

Widgets are mini-applications that let you perform common tasks and provide you with fast access to information with a single click. Complex tasks can be done by other applications whereas a widget just acts as a window to those applications – displaying data from there and telling you what is happening. Also, any information should be available in a single click. Any information which you can see in a bigger application with n number of clicks should be visible in a widget in a single click. Keeping these in mind I began to think about the different ways in which we can use Widgets for Mobile Applications for Laptops.

In our application, we need to establish connection to the outside world only for a short time – to synchronize with CRM Server. The application will work in the offline mode for most of the time. SO whatever is displayed in the Widget should be present in the laptop (in the ides database). Also, Mobile application has a lean interface when compared to CRM Server (the number of fields is less and most of the fields are determined automatically because a Sales Representative or a Service Representative does not have much time). So the Widget should enhance the functionality already present in Mobile Sales or Service application. Are all these possible?

I am breaking my head to find ideas for Widgets. I have some ideas which I will share in a blog later (keep watching). But before that I would like to know what you think about this. Is it possible to develop Widgets which can work with our application? Do you have any ideas? Do share it with us by posting a comment or by sending me a mail.

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