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Semantic LayerWe have an internal forum at Business Objects which is used by people throughout our organization to seek help and guidance on our products. Because of the internal nature of the forum many of the postings can  t be shared publicly. That being said, there is a large number of posts that contain helpful information that many customers would find useful.

Recently a field consultant published the following question concerning setting row level security on Universes:

I‘m at a customer site and I have 13100 restrictions to set on their universe. I can’t imagine doing this by hand. Is there a solution to do this automatically using the SDK for example?I have a file with the list of restriction on objects by group.

Here is the response he recieved from one of Engineers in Developer Support:

For Enterprise XI, you can programmatically create and define Overload objects for an existing Universe through the SDK. The Overload plugin encapsulates any row-level or objects security associated with an User or UserGroup for an Universe.

Although this sample is in Java this same functionality is availabe in the COM and .NET Enterprise SDK.

For those of you who are not familiar with Universes, they are semantic layer technology that comes with BusinessObjects Enterprise XI.  They provide foundation for empowering end-user query and analysis. Universes abstract the complexity of data by using business language rather than data language to access, manipulate, and organize data. That business language is stored as objects in a universe file. Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports use the universe to simplify the user creation process required for simple to complex end-user query and analysis.

I hope this sample proves useful. In the future I hope to share more of the useful information I find on the internal forum.

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